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How Bray Wyatt should beat 'The Undertaker'

5.69K   //    01 Mar 2015, 14:44 IST
Bray Wyatt has issued an open challenge to ‘The Undertaker’

Undertaker Versus Bray Wyatt will probably be the most polarizing match on the card come WrestleMania 31. The reason for this lies in the complicated question of how The WWE should end the match. While many fans of the dead man are surely looking for him to rise from the ashes of his defeat last year to Brock Lesnar, a loss that broke his 21 straight victories at the show of shows, other are calling for The Eater of Worlds to claim the soul of The Undertaker.

What is WWE to do in a situation like this? Sure a win for The Undertaker, in what may be his final match ever in a WWE ring would be a great sentimental moment for The WWE Universe, but what about Bray Wyatt? What would he gain from a loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31? Why build the former NXT rookie up so much, just to have him fail in the end?

Unfortunately for Undertaker fans, that’s exactly what needs to happen. Bray Wyatt needs to end The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31. Like with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, WWE has an excellent opportunity to pass the torch here, something that they should not pass up on, even if it means The Undertaker retires in defeat.

The best way to go about this, is to have Wyatt continue to call out The Undertaker, ultimately leading to a cryptic answer from The Undertaker. Maybe have do a segment where his hand pushes up from the ground in a graveyard, or have him rise from a coffin in a gothic chamber, something to establish that he will return at WrestleMania 31.

Although Wyatt will have to carry most of the feud with his great promos, a majority of the storyline should be told through the match itself at WrestleMania 31. Wyatt should come out first and grab a microphone to taunt Undertaker for a few minutes to build up suspense with the crowd.

After a few minutes of taunting by Wyatt, the lights should go off, and we should hear Undertakers signature entrance music start to play.  A lightning bolt should go off at the entrance ramp, creating a plume of smoke for The Undertaker to appear from.

Bray Wyatt should continue his taunts, as Undertaker slowly limps down the ramp.  Having Undertaker do this will show just how human and weak he is after his last match, and also give Wyatt some heat with the crowd.  Wyatt then should attack Taker before he is able to get the ring.

Wyatt should continue to attack Undertaker, while he drags him around the ring and keeps taunting him on the microphone. When the bell finally rings, Wyatt should decimate The Undertaker for a good five minutes, before Taker is able to create separation with a choke slam.

Then Wyatt should try to taunt The Undertaker again, get caught up in the gates of hell submission move. After a few minutes, Wyatt will get to the rope and continue taunting the weakened Undertaker.

Undertaker needs to finally go on the offensive and try to land some punches on Wyatt. As the match goes on, Taker should be ready to finish Wyatt off with The Tombstone Pile driver. Just as Taker has Wyatt in position for The Pile driver, Wyatt should reverse the move with a low blow, taking down The Undertaker.

Wyatt then would set Undertaker up for Sister Abigail, but get reversed into another pile driver. Just as Undertaker thinks it’s over, Wyatt needs to sit up and do his signature cackle at the dead man. Undertaker should then try to get back to his feet, but then get hit with Sister Abigail for the win.

Wyatt then quickly brings out the droids that usually accompany Undertaker to ring, and carries Undertakers limp body towards them.  Wyatt would then hit another sister Abigail on Taker, before putting him in the casket, as the droids surround them. Undertaker tries to fight back by choking Wyatt, but Wyatt quickly shakes him off and shuts the door of the casket, sealing taker inside.

The droids would then do a serious of ancient type chants, while Wyatt sits on top of the casket taunting at The Undertaker. A bolt of lightning should hit the casket by surprise, and then have a light image of The Undertaker being lifted up into the sky.

Like or not, this is the best way to end The Undertaker’s career. This gives Undertaker a graceful bow out, and gives Wyatt a monstrous push, along with some major heat from The WWE Universe. This win alone also finally catapult The Eater of Worlds into the WWE World Heavy Weight Title picture.

As for The Undertaker, this really is the best way to end it. I know fans won’t be happy about Undertaker taking back to back losses at WrestleMania, but think about the good these two losses will do for The WWE as a whole

Instead of looking at the losses that Undertaker may or may not take, think of the importance of those losses, and how they helped shape the career of other superstars in The WWE. If Reigns defeats Lesnar at WrestleMania 31, he will become the first person to defeat Lesnar, since he beat Taker at WrestleMania 31, something that should ricochet him into stardom in The WWE.

The same can be said for Wyatt as well. Wyatt has hit a bit of plateau in his career since his feud with Ambrose in November, a win against Taker would not only be the revival that Wyatt needs, but may also catapult him into the title picture.

Whether he loses a second time or not, Undertaker will surely remain one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up their boots. Instead of looking at Taker’s record as a blemish on historic career, fans need to look at what he accomplished in his time inside the squared circle, and be happy that they could be a part of it.

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