How Brock Lesnar’s height, weight and size affects his fighting style

Brock Lesnar is one of the most formidable opponents in pro wrestling and MMA

Brock Lesnar is often regarded as the most dominant athlete in pro wrestling having won the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, WWE World Championship as well the UFC Heavyweight and IWGP Heavyweight Championships in a course of only sixteen years. Brock Lesnar's’ height is 6 ft. and 3 inches and the Beast measures at about 286 lbs or 130 kg and can bench press over 600 lbs and squat 1000 lbs.

His size and strength make a lot of difference in the ring as well as in the octagon allowing him to lift his opponents without much effort as well as mount them while on the ground before performing his trademark poundings with his elbows and fists.

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The Mayor of Suplex City

Brock Lesnar performing his signature F5 on Roman Reigns

It is no secret that Lesnar likes to lift his opponents whether he is performing one of the many forms of suplexes he has mastered over the years or his signature move, the F5. The Superstar likes to have his opponents sent to Suplex City, only to be welcomed by the agonising pain of being thrown around the ring like a ragdoll.

Brock Lesnar can pick up and throw around any known Superstar be it the Big Show or the Great Khali without much effort and this sets him apart from most others in the WWE roster in a big way.

The master of ground and pound


Brock Lesnar likes to dominate his opponents after taking them to the ground by performing a mount before pummeling them with an avalanche of forearm and elbow strikes as well as stiff punches. This can put any fighter in jeopardy as getting the Beast off of you from a position like this is very difficult because of his size.

The Superstar also has larger than average fists which, combined with the bone-crushing force of his punches, can put any seasoned fighter in a world of pain.

A very recent example of this can be seen during August 2016’s SummerSlam pay-per-view where he performed his signature MMA style ground and pound attack on Randy Orton, busting his forehead open to win the match by a TKO.

The caveman diet

The Beast consumes about 7,000 calories a day

Brock Lesnar follows what is called a caveman diet, i.e., a high protein diet of only meat, consuming about 7,000 calories in a single day! Brock has been following his diet since he was young and although this helped him build muscle mass and maintain his strength and speed, this diet eventually caused him serious health issues leading to life-threatening diverticulitis.

The absolute lack of fibre in his diet caused Lesnar’s stomach walls to disintegrate leaving holes in his colon that allowed faecal matter to leak into his abdomen. This caused him a lot of pain and having ignored this for almost a year, broke down his immune system resulting him being vulnerable to diseases like mononucleosis which he suffered from during his UFC career.

Brock has had to be in surgery twice in the course of two years to close up the holes in his stomach walls and even had a big chunk of his colon removed since it was beyond repair. Since then, Lesnar’s dietary habits have improved as he now supplements his meat diet with extra leafy vegetables.

Brock also consumes creatine and whey protein after every workout to help with maintaining his overall body mass and drinks a minimum of one gallon of electrolyte water every day.

Weight training

Brock Lesnar can bench a whopping 655 lbs making him one of the strongest athletes in the world

Former WWE Superstar Kurt Angle used to train with Brock back when they were both in WWE and had reportedly mentioned in an interview that he has seen the Beast bench press over 600 lbs and squat over 1000 lbs.

Brock Lesnar currently holds a personal bench press maximum of 655 lbs. To put this into perspective, Mark Henry, often referred to as the strongest man in the world by WWE, benches a maximum of 585 lbs while former WWE Superstar the Great Khali at 7ft 1in, holds a maximum of 600 lbs.

The first WWE Superstar to win a match by Knockout

Lesnar was the first WWE Superstar to win a match by Knockout

Brock Lesnar, during Backlash 2002, set a new bar for the WWE when, after power bombing his opponent Jeff Hardy, won a match by a knockout for the first time in pro wrestling history.

Very few people since then have succeeded to win a match by a knockout in the WWE ring but Brock continues to do so as we observed in his match with Randy Orton during this year’s SummerSlam.

Here is a comparison of Brock Lesnar’s height with some of his peers

The Undertaker height – 2.08m

Brock Lesnar height – 1.88m

Bill Goldberg height – 1.93m

Mark Hunt height – 1.78m

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