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How Dean Ambrose and WWE are possibly pulling off the swerve of the century

Ali Siddiqui
34.15K   //    01 May 2019, 13:51 IST

The Lunatic Fringe
The Lunatic Fringe

A few hours ago, Dean Ambrose, via his old Twitter handle "Jon Moxley", posted a video where he can be seen escaping from a prison. The video has taken the internet by storm and will be all over the news today. It should also be noted that Ambrose is now going by his Indy ring-name, Jon Moxley.

The video contains subtle references to AEW's first pay-per-view event, Double or Nothing, such as the dices (which can be seen on the event's promotional posters). In addition to that, the numbers on dices are 2 and 5 (which can mean 25th May, the date on which the event is being held).

Many people have also compared Moxley breaking out of prison to Dean Ambrose finally getting his freedom from WWE. If that's not enough, Cody, the EVP of AEW, has liked the video tweet!

While the video was quite intriguing and has fueled speculations regarding Ambrose joining AEW, this can all be one giant work. Unlike other Superstars who leave WWE with a sour taste in their mouths, Ambrose walked out after grabbing a huge win alongside his Shield brothers.

Standing ovation - Quite unusual from WWE
Standing ovation - Quite unusual from WWE

Part of that event was broadcasted on WWE Network. Prior to that, The Shield was interviewed. WWE doesn't give that much coverage to a Superstar who is speculated to join the biggest alternative there is to the company.

Additionally, a few reports emerged around 2 months ago regarding an interesting departure storyline pitched by Ambrose to WWE. Part of the deal was to make people believe that the Lunatic Fringe is actually done with WWE. Until last night, many people were convinced that the whole situation is a work. It's hard to keep anything a secret in this age.

However, today's video has caused many people to rethink. The violent content in the video, the subtle references to Double or Nothing, and the reuse of the Jon Moxley name are indicating that WWE might not be involved in it.


Yet, it is most probably a work, and if it is, not only will WWE prove to its audience that it is always one step ahead of them, but they will also possibly get more insight into AEW and the type of contracts they are offering, if the new promotion reaches out to Moxley.

It's an exciting time to be a professional wrestling fan and the next few weeks are going to be quite interesting!