How many tattoos does Corey Graves have and what do they mean?

Corey Graves is a tattoo enthusiast
Corey Graves is a tattoo enthusiast

Corey Graves is one of WWE's lead color commentators. The former NXT superstar's love affair with tattoos is well-documented, with ink becoming synonymous with who he is.

While most of us are content with one or two tattoos, Corey Graves has them all over his body. The RAW and SmackDown commentator's ink work is also symbolic, with many of them bearing symbolic meanings that he relates to.

Naturally, given the haven of tattoos Corey Graves has as compared to his relatively inkless colleagues like Michael Cole, fans will want to know just how many of them he has. If you are looking for the answer to that question, we have it for you right here.


Corey Graves has a staggering 27 tattoos, all of them expertly done. The former NXT superstar's love affair with the art began at the age of 15, and he has never looked back.

What do Corey Graves' tattoos mean?


The following is a breakdown of Corey Graves’ tattoos, where they are located, and what they signify.

Graves is a tattoo lover.
Graves is a tattoo lover.
  1. Skull with hat - Located in the center of his neck is a skull with a cool hat. It signifies the bad luck Graves has suffered.
  2. STAY DOWN - Each letter is inked into one of his knuckles. It tells whoever he is fighting to stay down.
  3. Cross - There is a huge Christian Cross inked on his right leg. This was his very first tattoo.
  4. Sacred Heart with flames - Graves has what looks like a burning heart on the side of his neck. The flames around the Heart represent the sacrifice and pain of Jesus Christ, while the Heart symbolizes his love.
  5. Tribal sun - On his back, Graves has a sun with the letter 'A' on it. It's unclear as to what it means.
  6. Cartoon character face - On his hand, there is a tattoo of a cartoon character along with the number '2004'.
  7. Joker mask - Graves' left forearm bears a creepy devil's face-slash mask.
  8. Geisha Girl - On his left forearm, Graves has a tattoo of a Geisha Girl, which is a symbolic figure of beauty and intelligence.
  9. Koi Fish - Another Japanese culture homage is on Graves' left forearm.
  10. Samurai - On Graves' left bicep, there is a cool samurai tattoo. His left arm is basically a Japanese gallery.
  11. Dead Girl - On his right arm, Graves has a tattoo of what appears to be a dead girl with the caption 'Pretty girls, make grave.'
  12. Cupe Devil - There is a big devil's face inked on Graves' right arm, which suggests that every person has a darker side to them.
  13. Luchador Mask - On Graves' right arm, he has a huge Luchador Mask.
  14. Pumpkin - Graves has a huge pumpkin tattood on his left leg. He got this upon the request of a friend.
  15. Russian tribute - Graves has a tribute paying homage to his Russian parentage.
  16. Revolution Bomb - Graves has a bomb with the word 'revolution' inked on the right side of his neck.
  17. Woman - On his left hand, Graves has a tattoo of a colorful woman's mask.
  18. Brass Knuckles - Graves has a tattoo of brass knuckles inked on his inner right arm. They contain the words 'good night', which is self-explanatory.
  19. Lotus - Graves has a green lotus inked on his right bicep. It signifies the enlightenment of the soul.
  20. Water Dragon - Graves' inner right arm contains a blue dragon. It symbolizes courage and spirit.
  21. Flowers - Graves has flowers inked onto his arm.
  22. Monster - On his stomach, Graves has a creature's face inked.
  23. Japanese Dragon - On his left arm, Graves has a Japanese dragon tattoo. It is a symbol of good luck.
  24. Corey Graves cocktail - Graves has a unique tattoo of a banner that carries his ring surname inked inside it. Under it is a green cocktail bottle.
  25. Donut - Graves has a donut tattoo on the upper-left side of his chest.
  26. Sugar Skull - There is a sugar skull tattoo on Graves' left shoulder. It represents departed loved ones living at peace in heaven.
  27. Chest portraits - Graves' chest contains arguably his finest tattoo. There are two large portraits on his pecs. On the right one, there is a portrait of a lady engulfed by a python. On the left one, there is one of a lady in ethnic wear wrapped by a similar snake.
Corey Graves has some epic tattoos.
Corey Graves has some epic tattoos.

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