How much did Shane McMahon add to his net worth with WWE money in 2022? 

Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon's net worth is an impressive number!

Shane McMahon is one of the most popular WWE figures. Vince McMahon’s son has been an occasional presence on the product. Known for his daredevil stunts and his never-say-die spirit, he has given fans many moments to remember.

Being someone involved in multiple businesses, McMahon's acumen is impressive. He is also a wealthy man with a high net worth and good sources when it comes to earnings.

In 2022, The Prodigal Son was released from WWE, but not before he booked and competed in a high-profile Royal Rumble match. However, that surely added to his net worth. If you want to know just how much he netted in his bank account in 2022, read on to find out.


A new WWE SEC filing made on Wednesday states that Shane McMahon added a sum of $828,000 from WWE to his net worth. According to the filing, this was made for his role as an "independent contractor performer."

“In 2022, Shane McMahon was retained as an independent contractor performer by the Company and received an aggregate of approximately $828,000 in connection with such services.” [H/T Wrestling Headlines]

Not a bad payday for the former SmackDown commissioner at all. It is made extra impressive when you factor in his release from WWE before February even rolled around.

Shane McMahon's net worth


Shane McMahon is one of the most popular WWE executives. Despite no longer working with the company, he was associated with them for years and made plenty of money there. Indeed, most of his net worth stems from his WWE years and what he accomplished there.

McMahon has a net worth of around $100 million, which is quite frankly impressive considering his profile and how he has flown under the radar as compared to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. The numbers majorly come from his work as an executive and as a wrestler, but his other business ventures have also contributed.

The Prodigal Son owns a minority stake in WWE, which means he will reap the rewards if the company does well. The former Executive Vice President of Global Media has been with the promotion since the age of 15. He was in a top administration position before resigning in 2009 to try his hand at other businesses.

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