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How the WWE Universe reads too much into what gets posted on social media about the company and its superstars

  • A lot of information gets posted on social media, and some turn out to be false, while others are simply misconstrued.
Nathan Artis
Modified 22 Apr 2019, 21:15 IST
Bayley and Sasha Banks have a good reason to be frustrated if reports of their behavior aren
Bayley and Sasha Banks have a good reason to be frustrated if reports of their behavior aren't accurate

Social media and the WWE are no strangers to each other, with WWE using it as a means to promote several of their products or events.

It has arguably helped WWE in some areas like promoting, while being a silent killer in others such as spoiling many surprises or superstar returns. In other words, it is hardly possible to keep anything secret that goes on backstage anymore.

Over the last few days, we have been hearing multiple rumors of Sasha Banks being furious with the fact that she and Bayley lost the women's tag titles and Bayley moving to SmackDown Live.

People have also been complaining that Becky Lynch has let her character go to her head and gotten too personal at times. Lacey Evans has attacked Natalya over Twitter, which some are probably not happy over for disrespecting the Hart family.

It seems that whenever a WWE Superstar posts on a form of social media, no matter what the reason, the "analysts" and "experts" who follow their every movement, always seem to put a twist on what a superstar is saying.

It might just be an ordinary social media post or a general photo, yet people always seem to think it's directly related to the superstar's career or storyline they are involved in.

Believe it or not, though, not everything a superstar posts, or not everything a so-called "journalist" reports about is accurate, or sometimes even remotely true.

WWE management probably plants false stories about issues backstage to keep the journalist's happy. WWE Superstars do use social media as a platform to create or enhance feuds, however, some of the superstars never use their social media themselves, with superstars like Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose not being fond of it.

Then you have superstars like Natalya, Lacey Evans, Becky Lynch, and others who build their feuds on it. However, this doesn't always mean they are hinting at certain things or always just furthering storylines.


We have to realize that they are ordinary people, and they have personal lives outside of WWE. Not everything they does/post needs to be reported on. They have a right, much like us, to have their privacy, and it should be respected by the pro wrestling community.

Their private lives shouldn't concern us. I am fortunate enough not to have social media for this very reason.

It is absolutely understandable why a lot of WWE Superstars are quite annoyed at reports they read about themselves, as the information is usually false. The truth is, some analysts will do anything to get a story on a superstar, just for the gossip.

It has certainly hurt some superstars being on social media, with many getting bullied online for their looks, wrestling skills, or character in the company. Carmella is one superstar who springs to mind when it comes to someone being bullied online.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion, however, it's not cool to bully anybody, even WWE Superstars. They go out to the ring nearly every night of the week and put their lives on the line for our entertainment.

The superstars are always trying to improve their craft inside the ring, however, injuries will happen, as pro wrestling isn't ballet. We need to be grateful for the moments they give us in the world of sports entertainment. People shouldn't need to troll a superstar's Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms trying to create a story out of what is a general post.

If there is anything urgent to report, WWE will announce it to us via their own pages. They are the proper channel and the only ones to be believed, as are the superstars themselves.

It's fine to report actual storyline events that have happened, but reporting on backstage rumors by saying things like - 'Sasha was throwing a tantrum backstage at WrestleMania 35' is just ridiculous.

It may not have happened that way, or it could have been grossly over-exaggerated by the 'sources'. In the Internet Wrestling Community, sometimes it's just better to keep an open mind on everything that's being reported.

What are your thoughts on people reporting on things and trolling superstars' social media for a scoop? Do you agree that WWE Superstars are right to be annoyed after reading false reports? Have your say below.

Published 22 Apr 2019, 20:41 IST
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