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How WWE should handle the Jason Jordan heel turn

Grant Mannis
970   //    02 Jan 2018, 23:23 IST

The Next Generation of Great Could Turn Heel Sooner Rather Than Later

Last night on RAW, Jason Jordan continued his journey towards the heel side of the force, when he participated in the opening segment with The Bar. Goaded into entering the ring by cheap insults, Jordan allowed his emotions to get the better of him. As one can imagine, this was a decision he quickly learned was unwise.

By choosing to appear without his tag team partner Seth Rollins, the young talent was in a dangerous position, as Cesaro and Sheamus could've used this as a chance to injure their rival. Thankfully for him, both Kurt Angle (who was already in the ring) and Seth Rollins (who arrived on the scene moments later) pointed this out before any such attack occurred. Still, the fact that Jordan hasn't demonstrated common sense in certain situations isn't sitting well with his partner, which was evident by Rollins' lack of excitement when Jordan defeated Cesaro later on that night. These signs point to a rather short title reign being in the works, meaning that Jordan's turn could be imminent.

Beyond his in-ring segments, Jason Jordan has also displayed many hints during his matches that a heel turn is in the works. For example, one of the most prominent issues Jordan has had as of late centres around a leg injury. Oftentimes the injury is factored into his matches, which adds to his recent character development. Jordan is a great athlete with an ego to match, but when push comes to shove, he tends to rely on others to aid him, and when that is unsuccessful, makes use of the injured leg excuse.

So what do all of these different factors boil down to? Jason Jordan is eager to grow beyond the shadow of his father, but every time he finds success feels that he isn't given the proper credit. Usually, the blame is based on Kurt Angle for a lack of opportunity, which coincidentally is the opposite of what's really happening. The current RAW General Manager desperately wants his son to succeed and has already afforded Jordan spotlight he hasn't fully earned yet. The Bar drew upon this last night, and they'll likely be the first of many to do so in the coming weeks and months.

Moving forward, the current mindset of Jason Jordan is going to cost him the RAW Tag Team Championships. Wanting to prove yourself is all well and good, however, the way that Jordan is going about it is completely detrimental. Eventually, Kurt Angle will find the urge to draw his son away from this way of thinking and try to establish more patience within him. Jordan will come to view this as his father holding him back out of jealousy, and that's when the hammer will strike.

If done correctly, this will be the shining moment of Jason Jordan's career, and in turn the start of a highly personal rivalry with one the greatest athletes in WWE history. The success of this storyline is likely to go hand in hand with Jordan's career path, so here's hoping that there are some interesting twists and turns on the road ahead.

When do you think Jason Jordan will complete his heel turn? Could a match between Jordan and Kurt Angle steal the show in 2018? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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