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How WWE can use Kane during The Undertaker's WrestleMania run

Kane can help The Undertaker during the road to WrestleMania 33.

The Brothers of Destruction are always welcome in a WWE ring.
The Undertaker and Kane have been intertwined for decades

It looks like The Undertaker will make his yearly WrestleMania appearance based on his participation in The Royal Rumble, and his opponent might be Roman Reigns if their confrontation during the Rumble match is anything to go by.

During the build to ‘Mania, WWE will want a way to feature Reigns and their feud, but ‘Taker only ever makes a few appearances to hype his matches, so this leaves WWE with several weeks of storyline to fill.

This is where Kane can be valuable. The Big Red Monster has been used sparingly ever since his Corporate Kane gimmick died out, and if WWE wants a way to bring him back into the fold, having him be a stand-in for The Undertaker would do just that.

Kane hasn't had a good storyline in years, and even though he would be playing second fiddle to his big brother again, having him battle Reigns a few times on behalf of Undertaker would solve the problem of The Deadman not being there regularly to push his own feud.

Despite what some fans may think, Kane still has a lot to offer. For a man of his size and age, he is capable of moving around the ring better than some giants could at the height of their career.

His character has stood the test of time, and the younger fans will still find his image intimidating. His veteran status puts him in a position to be a threat to anyone, especially if WWE lets him win some matches to build momentum, before engaging in a war with Reigns heading into WrestleMania.

In fact, having Kane involved with the actual WrestleMania match would help take some of the weight off Undertaker's shoulders. WWE could book The Brothers of Destruction against Reigns and a partner of his choosing in a tag team or tornado tag match.

If Dean Ambrose doesn't have a storyline heading into ‘Mania, he could team up with his former Shield teammate. There's even an existing storyline in place WWE could build from.

Back when Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns were still running roughshod all over the roster, they had a match with The Undertaker, Kane and Daniel Bryan on Raw. The Shield won the match, which led to a singles bout with Ambrose on SmackDown. The Deadman won, but The Hounds of Justice ended up putting him through a table after the match was over.

This attack was never avenged, and since Seth Rollins is out of action with an injury, The Brothers of Destruction would have to settle for seeking retribution against Reigns and Ambrose.

The Undertaker's hip problems are no secret.

He was visibly struggling during the Royal Rumble, and a long singles match against anyone would put even more pressure on what is surely a painful condition. Giving him the chance to rest, while Kane carries some of the load in the ring, would lead to a better match and allow WWE to feature more of its top Superstars in a single segment.

WrestleMania might be the longest pay-per-view of the year, but it's always a struggle to find the best way to use as many people as possible without sacrificing the quality of the matches being presented. There can only be so many multi-person gimmick bouts on one card, but they are useful when it comes to packing the show with all of the people who have earned their spot in the pecking order.

The Andre the Giant Battle Royal has proven useful in giving up to 20 Superstars a little time in the spotlight during the biggest show of the year, and the Money in the Bank match has led to some breakout performances from up-and-coming rookies.

Pairing The Undertaker and Kane together for a WrestleMania tag team match is not only logical but appropriate. Their characters have been tied together for the entirety of Kane's WWE career, and with both men getting closer to retirement, it would be fitting to give them one last big match as partners.

The Brothers of Destruction are one of those teams that can always generate a great response from the crowd, especially when they hit their finishers at the same time. Putting them against two members of The Shield would guarantee a strong reaction from everyone in attendance.

Kane still has value to offer, and WWE would be foolish not to use him during the build to WrestleMania 33. He could keep Reigns, or whoever The Undertaker ends up facing occupied, and he could help cover up ‘Taker's physical limitations. 

Kane is a longstanding veteran who is still capable of keeping up with the younger generation. There's no reason why WWE shouldn't be using him more often.

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