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How WWE may have big plans for Kevin Owens

17 Mar 2019, 15:25 IST

The prizefighter
The prizefighter

Kevin Owens is one of those superstars who is capable of blending into any character he plays. In addition to that, he is incredibly gifted in the ring as well. Kevin Owens' in-ring skills can safely be considered to be one of the best on the roster.

However, the most important aspect we have noticed about him is the way he is absolutely over with the WWE Universe. We have seen time and again that although he has been promoted by WWE as a solid heel, he keeps on getting cheered by the fans. If we were to look at the course of things, we can see that the WWE has been taking the responses of the WWE Universe quite seriously.

From turning Becky Lynch face to even changing the Miz's character, WWE has been going ahead with the heel and face turns quite in accordance with what the audience wants to see or hear.

The background

Kevin Owens returned after knee surgery on the February 26 episode of SmackDown Live to replace Kofi Kingston as the one to face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. Although his return was a means to form an angle in the Kofi Kingston vs Vince McMahon feud, there was a change in character. From what we saw, his character was not the full-blown heel he was before he left for the knee surgery.

Although the WWE Universe was not particularly pleased with Kofi Kingston being replaced in the match, they did in fact cheer for Kevin Owens during the match.

Another important aspect to notice is the fact that Owens has been employing the stunner as his finisher lately. While the stunner brings back great memories, it is interesting to imagine why Kevin Owens has been made to use it.

It is evident that Kevin Owens is slowly manifesting into a more tweener-ish character that does not play by the rules. While Owens did readily accept the opportunity for the title match, he also has a long history with Shane McMahon.

Although Shane was a babyface at the time of their feud, it is possible that Owens would not relent to his authority even now. Despite the fact Vince McMahon handed him the opportunity, it is not Vince we will be seeing every week.


Shane has more of a constant presence on the show. Shane McMahon's heel turn could set the table for a long term feud between the two of them, as Shane could go on about how he was handed opportunities and he failed each time.

Owens, on the other hand, could accuse the McMahon family of being vindictive and bring out past issues. It is a golden opportunity for the WWE to revive Kevin Owens' prizefighter character right now, and by the looks of it, they just might.

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