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How WWE should have booked Roman Reigns as a babyface

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Fantasy booking for a Roman Reigns face run

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Ever since the shield split in 2014, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were destined to paint the main event picture for the years ahead, and that they did.

But out of them, Roman Reigns had been booked to look the strongest, basically winning most of his matches, barely ever losing clean and was given more mic time than needed.

He was actually well received by most of the casual and semi-hardcore fans in 2014, but eventually, after an overexposure of his weak mic skills and lack of charisma, the fans began to realise that he was going to be shoved down their throats and began to turn on him.

From being the most over babyface in the 2014 Royal Rumble to being the most hated man in Rumble history in 2015, 2016 and 2017 especially, the Roman Reigns experiment has come crashing down.

A lot of people speculated that if WWE turned him heel, the fans would have a legitimate reason to boo Roman Reigns and he wouldn't have such a terrible babyface character run. But if WWE planned on making him the next John Cena, I don't think the heel turn would be ‘merchandise worthy’.

If WWE’s plan was to make Roman Reigns the figurehead of the company, and have the kids buy his T-shirts, hats and hoodies, then turning him heel is actually a bad idea. But then again, should he have been the figurehead of the company in the first place? 

Well, looking at his work-rate and dedication, he absolutely deserves it. He just needed better booking purely as a babyface. Here’s how I would have booked Roman Reigns post-Shield. 

Step 1: Separation from The Shield

Firstly, I’d have him kept away from Seth Rollins for a very long time, let Rollins and Ambrose have their awesome set of matches. Keep his booking the same all the way up to Summerslam, where he faces Randy Orton.

I’d have Orton win via shenanigans, just to make a marquee Roman Reigns win all the more must-see. He’s then off for surgery around Night of Champions, also missing Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. There is absolutely no mention of Roman Reigns the entire time.

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He doesn't return at TLC to help John Cena win the tables match, Seth Rollins gets the win with the help of J&J security, hence entering the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

We don't have Reigns appear for a very long time in fact. Fans are wondering as to where on earth is Reigns.

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