Huge rematch in the works for WWE WrestleMania 32?

The Prince of Dark Matter

The Dallas Comic Con was an unexpected host to one of WWE’s most flamboyant heels, Stardust. The Prince of Dark Matter walked out to ear-splitting cheers and joined his old sparring partner, Stephen Amell, on a panel.

Stardust even brought out WWE announcer Eden to mediate the discussion and after an entertaining back-and-forth, both signed off by throwing water in the ‘Arrow’ star’s face. As engaging as it all was, it has an unmistakable sense of direction. Here’s the video:


And that direction is WrestleMania. Stardust recently tweeted that the Universe will not see his alter ego, Cody Rhodes ever again. This was quite the shocker considering that his character is drawing some flak for being rudderless.

However, the current season of Arrow possibly concluding around May, a singles match at WrestleMania 32 seems like a brainwave to gain more viewership for while not letting a considerable talent in Stardust waste away.

It must be noted that their rivalry dates back to May 2015, when Stardust first confronted Amell on RAW. They settled their differences in a tag team match at SummerSlam, where Neville and Amell beat Stardust and King Barrett. With season 5 of Arrow rumoured to be its last, pitting an actor like Stephen Amell who showed off that he’s no pushover in the ring in a singles match doesn’t sound like the worst idea.

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