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WWE News: Hulk Hogan addresses his recent issues, fans, reveals how AJ Styles is outside the ring

Johny Payne
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Hulk Hogan explains how AJ Styles is
Hulk Hogan explains how AJ Styles is "Phenomenal" both in and out of the ring

What’s the story?

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Hulk Hogan opened up on a myriad of topics.

Hogan addressed the issues he’s been through in recent years; adding that the fans have supported him through the good & bad times. Besides, Hogan also revealed how WWE Champion AJ Styles is outside the ring.

In case you didn’t know…

Hulk Hogan, who’s widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, was fired from the WWE in 2015 after a few videotapes surfaced on the internet—tapes in which Hogan was seen mouthing racist profanities.

Hogan has time and again apologised for his racist rant, however, the WWE till date remains committed to its stance of not rehiring Hogan.

It was during his time in TNA (Impact Wrestling) that Hogan worked extensively with Styles—with the duo being very familiar with one another from their time in TNA.

The heart of the matter

Hulk Hogan had words of high praise for Styles; stating—

"AJ has turned out to be one heck of a performer, one of the best in the world…Beyond that, he's just such a good person."
"What AJ does in the ring is phenomenal, and that's why we call him the 'Phenomenal One', but when he's outside the ring, he's even more phenomenal…It's so cool to see how he takes care of his family and loves his kids. If people saw him outside of when he wrestles, they'd have even more admiration for him."

Additionally, expounding upon the troubles he’s had to deal with in recent years, Hogan pointed out that so many of his fans have been extremely loyal toward him.

Hogan added that it’s this very fan-support that’s given him his pulse.

Furthermore, Hogan elucidated that he’s wrestled for four generations of people, and never did he think that his popularity would still be this big.

Hogan continued that he’ll turn 65 in a couple of months, and he had no idea there would still be this groundswell of fan-interest in him.

Hogan explained that people stood by him through the good stuff as well as the controversy. He noted that people were loyal and stood by him, even when big corporations made decisions based on their corporate policies.

“The Hulkster” reiterated that it’s been amazing how loyal the fans have been to him.

What’s next?

Hogan presently operates multiple businesses in the state of Florida.

The vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that Hogan is indeed likely to return to the professional wrestling industry with a notable promotion, sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, WWE Champion Styles is set to defend his title against Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE’s Backlash PPV on Sunday, May 6th—further details on Backlash can be availed at THIS link.

Author’s take

Hogan seems to be determined to grow and evolve as a human being.

Hogan has apologised for his racist rant several times over the past few years, and it remains to be seen if and when he ever returns to the WWE or perhaps a smaller pro-wrestling organization in the near future.

Besides, kudos to Hogan for praising Styles—what with the latter being one of the true gentlemen of the sport today. 

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