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Hulk Hogan News: Hogan's son says his dad may never quit wrestling

Brandon Ewing
1.86K   //    26 Nov 2018, 09:00 IST

Hulk Hogan made his triumphant return to WWE at Crown Jewel earlier this month.
Hulk Hogan made his triumphant return to WWE at Crown Jewel earlier this month.

What's the story?

Hulk Hogan recently made his WWE return at Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. Hogan's son Nick spoke with TMZ news, revealing the belief that his father may never officially quit professional wrestling.

In case you didn't know...

Hulk Hogan is a former 12-time World Heavyweight Champion between WWE and WCW, respectively. The WWE Hall of Famer was ousted from the company in 2015 following racial slurs made toward a man his daughter Brooke was dating at the time, because he was African American.

This led to them completely erasing any mention of Hogan, including his past history and various accomplishments, for the next three years as WWE did not want any association with The Hulkster following his incident.

After a year of speculation and rumours, Hulk was eventually forgiven by the company and welcomed back into the fold. Making his first public appearance for the WWE at Crown Jewl earlier this month, he received a warm crowd response.

The heart of the matter

TMZ News caught up with Nick Hogan for some comments regarding Hulk's WWE return. They asked how his trip to Saudi Arabia was, with him saying:

"He hadn't really been to the Middle East before, ya know? So, this was the first time going over to the Middle East. It was really interesting for him to see the reaction to 'Hulkamania' in the Middle East, it was a home run all around. He face-timed me from over there and it was like pandemonium. It looked like "Hulkamania" in the 80's over here, it's just like so many fans and so many people that haven't gotten to experience him yet."

Nick was also asked whether his dad will ever officially retire from the wrestling business and he gave an honest answer.

"I don't think that's ever - well, first of all, everybody thinks it's a joke, but he's still like over 6'5" and over 300 pounds. He's just a monster. He's strong and it's just insane. I don't know, he just always says he loves it, loves training and the wrestling business. It runs too deep in his blood, I don't think he'll ever quit."

You can see the TMZ video with Nick below:


What's next?

Hulk has yet to make any more public appearances for the company yet, so it'll be interesting to see where and how he is utilised in future. However, he recently completed a special nWo reunion tour alongside Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, reviving his former "Hollywood" Hogan gimmick from years past.