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Hulk Hogan still in WWE 2K16? Big Tough Enough finale episode

2.66K   //    20 Aug 2015, 17:10 IST
Hulk Hogan NOT in new video game

- A few weeks back 2K Sports announced that Hulk Hogan would no longer be featured in the WWE 2K16 video game due to his racist tirade. There was some confusion yesterday when the Hulkster posted on Facebook that he was “Still in the game,” with a link to an article.

That article however was referencing WWE 2K15, so as it stands Hogan is still not in the upcoming game. It’s possible however that some of his elements will be included in the Create A Wrestler mode.

- As part of next week’s Tough Enough finale the contestants will have to work matches with current main roster superstars. ZZ and Josh will be wrestling separate matches against Cesaro, while Sara and Amanda will be wrestling matches against Alicia Fox. Here is the teaser from Facebook:

Digital Extra: The Tough Enough competitors find out who they'...

The competitors just found out who their final match opponents will be next week on the LIVE #ToughEnough Finale on USA Network -- Alicia Fox and Cesaro - WWE!!

Posted by WWE Tough Enough on Wednesday, August 19, 2015
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