'I would kill to have Serena Williams in WWE,' says Stephanie McMahon (Exclusive)

Stephanie McMahon has expressed a desire to see Serena Williams in WWE
Stephanie McMahon has expressed a desire to see Serena Williams in WWE
Gary Cassidy

WWE is set for a monumental move in January that will see RAW and SmackDown debut on BT Sport, as the broadcaster becomes the exclusive new home of the red and blue brands from 2020 onwards.

Ahead of the switch, I had the immense privilege of chatting with Stephanie McMahon. I asked WWE's Chief Brand Officer about WWE's ever-growing reputation in the world of mainstream sports, with the likes of Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez debuting in the company recently, and also which other sports personalities she'd like to see in the squared circle.

Two people that all BT Sports fans are familiar with are Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez - both of whom recently debuted in WWE. We've seen WWE Superstars calling out BT Sport personalities in the lead up to January, and it seems like more mainstream sports stars and celebrities than ever are keen on being involved in wrestling.

Do you see more crossovers happening and, if so, who would you like to see get in a WWE ring?

I have to say, Cain Velasquez had already made that crossover but Tyson Fury, while he's not a full-time WWE competitor - man, he certainly had the chops, and the crossover appeal, and the personality.
I think he's tailor-made for WWE one day. I would love to see that come to fruition. I think global stars, whether they are rugby players, football players - as you call them, football players - American football players for us as well.

McMahon would go on to single out one of the biggest names in the history of tennis, and an NFL star as a potential WWE Superstar.

I would kill to have Serena Williams, but there are so many incredible athletes who would loan themselves to WWE. Those with strong personalities.
Perhaps even Gronk from the Patriots. That would be an interesting crossover appeal.

WWE's Chief Brand Officer would then go on to confirm why mainstream sports stars joining WWE isn't a one way street, outlining precisely what appeals to the world's biggest stars departing from their specialist sport to try their hand in the ring.

The sky's the limit, but to your point, more and more people are recognising the platform that is WWE, athletes are actually realising they can have a career past whatever their professional sport has been that still maintains that high level of athleticism and personal competition - and there's also an opportunity to build a brand and a business to a global fanbase that's seen in 180 countries and 28 different languages.
I think WWE is being looked at a little bit differently now, particularly as the level of athleticism continues to rise.

Thanks to Stephanie McMahon for taking the time to chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling.

From January 2020, BT Sport will be the exclusive home of WWE’s weekly flagship shows in the UK and Ireland, showing RAW and SmackDown Live. WWE’s monthly pay-per-view events will also be available via BT Sport Box Office.

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