"I wouldn’t want to replicate any Bray Wyatt stories" - WWE women's star on the idea of feuding with Alexa Bliss

Will upcoming Alexa Bliss feuds feel too much like retreads of Bray Wyatt storylines?
Will upcoming Alexa Bliss feuds feel too much like retreads of Bray Wyatt storylines?
Matt Black

Bayley would enjoy feuding with the new version of Alexa Bliss, as long as they weren't replicating any Bray Wyatt storylines in the process.

The former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion recently sat down with Joseph Staszewski for the New York Post.

When Staszewski asked Bayley what she thought about Bliss' character change, she admitted that she thought it was cool. However, the Role Model wouldn't want to feud with her if it meant they had to redo stories Wyatt had already done.

"It’s cool," Bayley said. "I just wouldn’t want to replicate any Bray Wyatt stories, so if I were to be in a story with her or go into something with her I would stress myself out trying to make it different in some way. It’s cool to see her do something like that because I remember when she first came to NXT, when she first got signed to FCW and I’m like, oh this little girl’s pretty athletic and she’s like I did this, this and this. She wore sparkles and spit out pixy dust. She’s a complete 180 on what she is now."

Is Alexa Bliss too much like Bray Wyatt?

Bayley does bring up an interesting point. Since Alexa Bliss split from Bray Wyatt, she hasn't had an actual match, and there's probably a reason for that.

Wyatt didn't have many matches during the character arc of The Fiend because the supernatural element of the character didn't translate well to actual matches.

If Alexa Bliss continues to go down this path, there is a chance that by the time she steps into the ring, they aren't going to live up to the character she plays outside the ring.

With the WWE Universe rumored to return to weekly events in July, WWE will no longer be able to pre-produce the character elements in front of a live audience.

The truth of the matter is, this character Alexa Bliss currently portrays has a shelf life, and it's coming up sooner rather than later.

Do you agree with Bayley's comments about Alexa Bliss? Do you believe WWE should try and make sure not to repeat Bray Wyatt's storylines with her character? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

Edited by Alex Turk
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