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ICW Women's Champion Kasey discusses Fear & Loathing XII, Aivil & BT Gunn vs Sami Callihan (Exclusive)

Gary Cassidy
Published 24 Oct 2019, 23:56 IST
24 Oct 2019, 23:56 IST

A familiar sight...
A familiar sight...

You mentioned Sami Callihan vs BT Gunn, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sami and he told me that BT Gunn chopped him harder than anyone else on the planet, so there's another reason for everyone to go!

They have met before at Southside. I was there and had the pleasure of seeing that match.

Sami chopped him and I was watching backstage, and I just laughed to myself. I was like, it "This is the American version of BT Gunn versus BT Gunn."

They're both one and the same. They are very similar in how they wrestle. They are both prepared to get unhinged and do what they have to do to win a match.

When BT chopped Sami Callihan back, whenever I watch it, I'm like "Oh, that's an easy one of his chops," Sami literally stopped, looked around himself, left the ring, went backstage and came to us and said, "What the f**k?" Excuse my French.

He then proceeded to return to the ring, very tentatively, and continued the match with BT Gunn.

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Finally, Fear & Loathing attracts huge names from all over the world.


Previously, the likes of Finn Balor, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle and the Dudley Boyz have all appeared. If you hold onto that title until next year and get told, "Kasey, you can defend the title against anyone in the world", who are you choosing?

Tessa Blanchard.

She is the epitome of what a female athlete in the sport should be. She is in great shape. She's shown that women - the same way Kay Lee Ray has, that they can take on men and not be seen as the weaker sex.

She has taken on Sami Callihan, for crying out loud, so I want to face her and I want to see if I can beat her. Actually, no, not see if I can beat her, I'm going to beat her.

Thank you to Kasey for speaking with us. You can follow Kasey on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Tickets for ICW Fear & Loathing XII are available here, or you can catch it via ICW On Demand here.

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