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Impact Of AJ Styles On WWE

Phenomenal For a Reason

He truly is Phenomenal.

Since the text "I AM PHENOMENAL" appeared on the titantron at the Royal Rumble, the WWE Universe have been enthralled by the phenomenon that is AJ Styles. He is the complete package that WWE required and the impact that he has produced is phenomenal( pun intended), Although he has not been booked the perfect way as he should , he has done a tremendous job with his charisma, promos and spectacular matches.

It has been about 8 months since his debut and almost all of his matches have been spectacular. He complimented with a veteran worker that is Chris Jericho, carried a mediocre worker to the top level with a MOTY category (The one at extreme rules) that is Reigns.

His heel turn was smooth and done with perfection(no rocket science) and he found the perfect opponent in John Cena. Those two complimented pretty well and had great chemistry and now finally he has a title shot after staying out of the title picture for several months.

The guy has done all he can so far and is the best wrestler in the business right now. I believe him to be the present day "HBK",both of them were equally effective as face or heel, they could get a good match out of anyone and both have cool finishers and more importantly they both have a legacy of being the very best.

His blended style of wrestling which involves lot of offense and aerial moves has been great to watch for after all that is what he is known for. The other thing that benefited is that he was directly promoted to the main roster rather than spend time in NXT which would have been cruel to him (he’s not getting younger).

His ability to connect with the audience is also to be seen, he has done it perfectly as a face and as well as a heel.

His coming to WWE along with other superstars has given not only a boost but also freshness, the roster has been pretty thin for the last 2 years with a lot of repetition. But with this, we can have a lot of matches which we thought we would never see eg.Cena vs Styles.

His drafting to smackdown only helps his potential as he is the top guy of that brand. With Cena taking time off, he is the face that runs the place.

His ability to perform in big matches makes him the “big match player” and a big money draw. This not only helps Styles elevate his game but also benefits WWE which is why they signed him in the first place despite him being the face of TNA for so long.

He may not have many years left,so the WWE must extract as much as they can out of him because his impact his here to stay only as long as he is able to perform.

With many opportunities and intriguing storylines for AJ, WWE should not mess it up as they have done before (The Invasion angle ). He is a credible star and his work in WWE so far has been exciting and powered with impact and passion. 

His name is itself a huge impact and after his arrival and the "new era", despite some niggles the overall product has been great to watch and AJ styles has played a huge role in that .

His experience wrestling all over the world has come in handy since the rosters lack full-time veterans currently. His career graph has gone upward since his arrival and we hope that it keeps going that way.

Now we don't know what WWE has planned for him in the future but I really hope he gets the title soon and has a lenghty reign with it. Not only because he will be great, but more importantly beacuse he deserves it.

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