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Impact Wrestling News: Laurel Van Ness comments on Impact Wrestling departure, WWE, Bobby Lashley and EC3

Johny Payne
13.15K   //    20 Jan 2018, 23:05 IST

Laurel Van Ness would love to work with WWE
Laurel Van Ness would love to work with WWE

What’s the story?

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Laurel Van Ness opened up on a myriad of topics.

While Van Ness asserted her mixed feelings on her departure from Impact Wrestling, she revealed that she’d be happy to work with the WWE, ROH or any other organization in the indies. Additionally, Van Ness also spoke about the backstage environment in Impact, with most people knowing that longtime promotional stars Bobby Lashley and EC3 would be leaving the company.

In case you didn’t know…

Laurel Van Ness previously worked in the WWE, prominently featuring on Tough Enough as well as portraying Daniel Bryan’s storyline ‘physical therapist’. However, Van Ness rose to prominence in the years which followed on the independent professional wrestling circuit; having also won the Knockouts Championship in Impact Wrestling.

Nevertheless, rumors of her potential departure from Impact have been ruminating in the pro-wrestling community ever since her aforementioned title victory last year. In fact on the 'Lost In The Midcard Podcast', it was revealed that Van Ness' real-life boyfriend WWE Superstar Zack Ryder encouraged her to leave Impact Wrestling the day she won the Knockouts Championship, as a spot for her on the NXT Women's roster was vacant, and the same was revealed to her by Ryder.

The heart of the matter

Laurel Van Ness emphasized that she’s excited and scared all at the same time, following her departure from Impact Wrestling, however, she hopes that 2018 is a great year for her on the indies and she gets to put on great matches and wrestle in more countries.

On possibly going to the WWE, Van Ness added that it’s definitely on the back of her mind, and when she first started out in the business, all she wanted was to work with the WWE. Van Ness continued that now she has a ton of options, and if WWE or ROH calls her up tomorrow, she’ll gladly work with them.

Furthermore, Van Ness pointed out that over the past few years, she’s had the opportunity to work main events, cage matches, all kinds of stipulations, and the opportunities in 2018 are at an all-time high. ‘The Crazy Bride’ also detailed the backstage environment before Bobby Lashley and EC3 parted ways with Impact Wrestling—

“It hit everybody in day 2 or 3 (of the tapings) that when everybody comes back, it won't be the same feeling. I tried to keep quiet and private (with) what I was going to do, but everybody knew about Bobby and EC3. They made such an impact in the company for years, and to see them go was a little different feeling."

What’s next?

The vast majority of professional wrestling experts believe that Bobby Lashley and EC3 are headed to the WWE.


On the other hand, Laurel Van Ness is also believed to be signing with the WWE this year.

Author’s take

Laurel Van Ness is an exceptionally talented young woman.

Van Ness possesses an excellent understanding of the professional wrestling business and has improved leaps and bounds since her last run with WWE.