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From the Impact Wrestling Rumor Mill: Top star and former World Champion departs Impact

David Cullen
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Another one
Another one gone

What’s the story?

Former two time TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III has finished up with Impact Wrestling on the latest set of tapings.

EC3 participated in a "Feast or Fired" Match and obtained one of the cases which later revealed a pink slip. This was Impact's way of writing the former Grand Champion off television.

In case you didn’t know…

Along with Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards, who remain with Impact as of this writing, EC3 has been rumored to be leaving Impact for several months now. His contract didn't actually expire but he has apparently been granted an early release.

EC3 debuted for Impact back in 2013 as the storyline nephew of then TNA President Dixie Carter. He remained undefeated on TV for the better part of 2 years in singles action.

The heart of the matter

Many people were expecting this. EC3 was said to be the highest paid star in the company, and with Impact cutting down on all big contracts, it was only a matter of time. EC3 wouldn't have accepted the terms of the new structured Impact contracts, which would have seen big talent like him earning less than half of what he used to, if he had signed a new contract.

During better times

During his run of nearly five years with Impact, EC3 became one of the greatest stars in the company's history, so it is a shame that his Impact career had to end this way.

What's next?

Many fans are hoping EC3 will head to WWE, and there is certainly a chance that he will. Ethan became one of wrestling's most entertaining characters during his Impact run and improved his ring skills immensely.

I imagine there are a few higher-ups in WWE who may have taken notice.

Author’s take

It is a shame his career with Impact ended the same way as the likes of Sheik Abdul Bashir, but at the same time at least his departure didn't go down as badly as AJ Styles's.

I imagine he will be taking part in some bigger independent events and other companies will likely take an interest in him, but the next time I would like to see him on camera is sitting in the audience at NXT: TakeOver in New Orleans.

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