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IMPACT Wrestling Open Fight Night Report, Febraury 2nd: The Hardyz to embark on a journey of Global Domination

Missed IMPACT Wrestling? Here's what happened.

Brother Nero challenges Lashley for the TNA World Championship

Tonight's edition of TNA was labelled as “Open Fight Night”. In last week’s TNA, the Superstars participated in a match wherein they all got briefcases with different numbers belonging to their opponents.

On tonight’s episode, the Superstars cashed in their briefcases to find out their mystery opponents. The show began with a video package featuring Lashley winning the TNA Heavyweight Championship from Eddie Edwards on last week’s episode. Then it cut to the Impact Zone, showing The Hardys make their entrance. 

The Hardys were in the ring, with Broken Matt speaking about how they were destined to win the TNA World Tag Titles again. He said that The Hardys were going to embark on a journey to win all the gold. Jeff said that he would step into the ring to challenge Lashley for the TNA World title. 

Lashley responded and said that although the duo are a bit whacky, they aren't stupid and that he was ready for war. 

#1 Bobby Lashley vs. Brother Nero for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

After a brief stare-down, Bobby Lashley ripped Brother Nero's head off with a clothesline. He then hit Nero with a Suplex, and set him up for a spear which Nero sidestepped and attacked Lashley in the corner. Nero attacked Lashley with a swinging dropkick, which sent him rolling out of the ring. Nero then swung Lashley onto the barricade, but Lashley retaliated by hitting Nero with a powerbomb on the steel steps. 

Lashley kept Nero down for a while by hitting a barrage of moves, but then Nero made his comeback and hit Lashley with a Swanton Bomb for the near fall. Nero tried to hit Lashley with a Swanton again, but he rolled out of the ring, thus making Nero hit him with a Poetry in Motion on the outside. Lashley avoided that, sent Nero in the ring, and speared him to pick up the win. 

Rosemary tried to convince Brandi Rhodes to join the Deacy, but Brandi said that the two can never be friends. 

#2 Sienna vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke hit Sienna with a flying head scissors and facebuster for a near fall. Maria grabbed Brooke, which led to Brooke chasing Maria around the ring, but Sienna hit a Clothesline on Brooke for a near fall. Maria distracted the referee, which allowed Sienna to choke Brooke, and hit her with a big right hand.

Sienna attempted to use the AK-47 (Yokosuka Cutter) but, Brooke reversed that into an STO Backbreaker, and then a Muta lock. Brooke hit Sienna with a hanging neck breaker for a near fall. Maria distracted Brooke, which allowed Sienna to use the Silencer to pick up the win. 

The DCC were backstage, talking about their potential opponents for their match. Aaron Rex was also in the arena with Rockstar Spud and spoke about his love for Don Lemon. The DCC were in the ring talking about how their opponents were in for some ass kicking. 

#3 Falls Count Anywhere: Decay vs. The DCC

The DCC attacked Decay during their entrance, where Abyss threw Kingston into a wall. James Storm hit Abyss out of nowhere and then dumped a trash can over his head. 

The fight proceeded into the ring, and barbed wire boards and tacks made their way inside the square. Rosemary sprayed Kingston with the mist, which allowed Abyss to chokeslam Kingston on the pile of tacks. Steve covered Kingston, but Bram managed to break the pinfall. 

Storm got in the ring and hit a Closing Time on Abyss, and a Whirling Flatliner on Steve. Bram broke a bottle on Abyss' head and allowed Storm to hit with the Last Call, thus sending Abyss on the barbed wire board. Steve tried to save Abyss, but Storm hit him with an Enziguiri and a Spike Piledriver to take the win. 

Maria and Mike Bennett were backstage, and the former ordered Braxton Sutter to propose to Lorile, but Braxton refused. Maria warned him that if he didn't propose to Lorile, Allie would find herself in trouble, while Mike Bennett promised Sutter of the biggest bachelor party he'd ever seen. 

Galloway was in the ring and spoke about making the Grand Championship bigger than the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Moose came to the ring and informed Galloway that he was in for a beating. Galloway said that he didn't want to face Moose again and thus challenged someone from the back. 

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