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Indian Pro Wrestler Stryker talks about his WWE inspirations, upcoming Dangal Ke Soorma show, and more (Exclusive)

Stryker in action
Stryker in action
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August 24th, 2019 is set to be an extremely important day in the world of Indian Professional Wrestling. It will see the launch of the Dangal Ke Soorma show, which will feature 21 Indian wrestlers taking on some of the top international talents.

One of the most exciting parts of the show is that it will feature former WWE athlete Chris Adonis aka Chris Masters. With 25 matches to determine who the winner of the tournament and the "Dangal Ke Soorma 2019" winner will be, it promises to be an exciting show.

I had the chance to talk to Stryker, who took the time to talk about the upcoming show, which will be featured on the DSPORT channel, his inspiration in wrestling, and what young Indian wrestlers can expect if they enter the wrestling business.

Talking about what motivated him to become a wrestler, he mentioned Jeff Hardy as one of the biggest inspirations for him.

"I was first involved in amateur wrestling. From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted to be a professional wrestler and wanted to reach the greatest height. I used to watch WWE and there I used to see Jeff Hardy. He was one of the biggest inspirations for me. He didn't have the typical physique associated with a wrestler, but he still used to take on giants and do so much. So seeing him, I felt that I could do a lot."

He also went on to say that Rey Mysterio was another person whom he really respected.

"He was a smaller wrestler and my height is also very less. Seeing him I used to think that if he could be my height and do so much, then so could I!"

Moving on to Dangal Ke Soorma, he talked about the importance of the show to him.

"Actually, I am very excited. For 3 years I have been working but never received a platform where I can showcase my talent properly. This show that we have put on, I have given my 100%! I really want the show to be a hit and am looking forward to the release of the show!"

We went on to talk to about how Dangal Ke Soorma can help give a boost to the Indian Professional Wrestling scene.

"When I started the show, I came to learn a great many things. Before I used to do only live shows. This is the first TV show that I took part in. This will also help me get exposure, and with the International talent also visiting, this will help give a push to the entire scene in Indian wrestling in the coming days."

Talking about the obstacles that he has faced before getting into the wrestling scene, he talked about the hardships that he had to endure.

"Professional Wrestling is a very difficulting art form. We put our bodies on the line and there's always danger of an injury. We work extremely hard to make sure our bodies are in peak form. I've done a number of shows to help entertain the fans. Now that this TV show will be broadcast, this will reach a far greater audience."

Talking about the transition from the traditional physique in WWE and other places, he mentioned the importance of getting the fans to like you.

"Height and weight no longer hold the same value. Now it depends far more on the fans liking you. If a wrestler works hard then there is no problem."

Stryker mentioned that he was hopeful of getting a second season for the show, and for it to be successful.

"I have worked a lot, so I want the show to be a huge hit. It will help both the show and me. If the public become involved, I hope we get a second season of the show."
Stryker's offence seems to promise fast-paced action on Dangal Ke Soorma

He sent a message to young Indians who want to be wrestling Superstars.

"If someone wants to be a wrestler, then the first thing is to take a step. If they don't make a move then nothing happens. If he wants to be a wrestler a lot can happen, but only if he makes moves for that purpose."

Finally, he explained the reason for his name - Stryker.

"I am 5 feet and 3 inches, so I am small, but my talent is somewhat different and does not depend on height. My wrestling is different and it's way more fast-paced. With that in mind, I have been given that name."

He ended our conversation by giving credit, where credit is due -- his parents and his friends.

"Where I am now, where I will go in the future, my own work definitely is a part of that. But more than that, my mother and father supported me a lot. I would love to thank my friends as well, and want them to know that if they keep helping me, then I can go to unbelievable heights!"

The show is coming up in a matter of days, and taking place on the 24th of August on DSPORT. Tune in to catch the action from this exciting new promotion in Indian wrestling.

Published 16 Aug 2019, 11:00 IST
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