Indie News: Jeff Jarrett joins with FITE Network to revive Global Force Wrestling

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Jeff Jarrett is bringing back Global Force Wrestling
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What's the story?

The last time we saw Double J, he was standing atop the WrestleMania stage the night after his Hall of Fame induction. It seems that Jeff Jarrett has been a busy man, as FITE revealed that they have partnered with Jeff Jarrett to bring Global Force Wrestling back.

In case you didn't know...

Global Force Wrestling came about when Jeff Jarrett was outed at TNA. The King of the Mountain would debut the new brand of Global Force Entertainment, LLC in April 2014. The first house show took place in June 2015, featuring Bullet Club members Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

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Later on in that year, episodes of "GFW Amped" were taped for future airing, though they wouldn't be seen on TV until 2017 when Impact used the footage for pay-per-view events.

GFW and TNA would merge in April 2017 but by October would dissolve their partnership.

The heart of the matter

The FITE streaming service revealed on May 24th that they had come to terms on a deal with Jeff Jarrett to work on some programming for the network, including the return of Global Force Wrestling.

Today FITE TV and Global Force Entertainment (GFE) announced their partnership for GFE to develop sports and entertainment programming for the FITE combat sports platform. FITE is the premium digital network for live streaming of combat sports on a global basis.
In the relationship, GFE will be developing and acquiring wrestling events and ancillary wrestling programming for the FITE digital television platform. Additionally, GFE is working with Flipps Media Inc, (FITE’s parent company) to develop non-combat sports programming for a to-be-determined digital platform using the “best in class” streaming technology developed by Flipps.

What's next?

It's was revealed in the press release that Jarrett is already hard at work developing all kinds of programming for FITE. While it's unknown when any of this will air, we can probably expect to hear more about GFW from Jarrett himself in the near future.

Author's take

Miraculously, Jeff Jarrett will get one more shot with Global Force Wrestling through FITE. If Jeff is looking to rebuild his old pet project, it's not a terrible idea to find a new home on a streaming service. This gives him time to put together the show he wants without the added pressure of TV ratings.

We should get an idea, soon, of the roster GFW will be working with. Until then, it's difficult to cast any kind of judgment.

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