NJPW News: Kenny Omega comments on joining WWE and wrestling The New Day 

Kenny Omega doesn't seem as though he wants to come to WWE
Kenny Omega doesn't seem as though he wants to come to WWE

What's the story?

New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega has been on WWE's radar for a number of years, but he recently resigned with NJPW, which means that he won't be available to WWE until 2019. Despite this recent development, it seems that Omega would be interested in making the switch over to WWE or even having a cross-promotion match so that he can wrestle The New Day.

In case you didn't know...

Kenny Omega recently wrestled former WWE World Champion Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom 12, and it seems that many fans were hoping that Jericho would convince one of the greatest wrestlers in the world to make the jump over to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Omega was rumoured to be making an appearance in The Royal Rumble match back in 2017 and once again his name is at the top of the list when it comes to this year's event.

Omega is without a doubt the hottest professional wrestler in the world right now, outside of WWE and it's understandable that WWE wants to have him under contract but it seems that he isn't ready to make that jump just yet.

The heart of the matter

Kenny Omega recently spoke to Bleacher Report about his resigning with NJPW and the fact that he wants to wrestle The New Day in the future.

He said: “We really wanted to do something with a New Day, who was — at that time — they were sort of the hottest trio in all professional wrestling. And not only that, we were friends with the guys. So, we had really thought it’d be cool to go up and above everyone’s heads and make the appeal that we wanted to make this match happen."

Omega had wanted to do something with the trio for a while since they were one of the hottest things in wrestling for more than a year, but the fact that they were contracted to WWE at the time was a problem since he was advised not to make a deal with the company.

He explained, “I’d sort of been discouraged of ever trying to create a cross-promotional match. The New Day angle fell flat on its face. I just sort of thought that from here on in, trying to even challenge WWE guys, if there was no payoff, there’s no reason for it. It would’ve been dumb.”

His recent match with Chris Jericho has opened his eyes to the fact that Vince McMahon might give The New Day his blessing to wrestle for NJPW or Omega can come to WWE to compete, so it seems that the future could be quite interesting.

What's next?

Omega has re-signed with NJPW so he isn't available to WWE until the end of January 2019, which means that next year's Royal Rumble could be a possibility unless both companies are able to come to an agreement regarding a cross-promotional match in the next year.

Authors take

Kenny Omega is a hot commodity right now and it seems that the WWE Universe definitely want him in WWE, it was only this time last year that John Cena trolled the WWE Universe when he posted a picture of the NJPW star on his Instagram page and many wrestling fans thought that this meant that he was coming to WWE. Omega was born to wrestle and whether he comes to WWE or not, he will always be seen as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

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