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Indie/WWE News: Corey Graves' brother responds to Enzo's tweet and threatens him

Soumik Datta
11.88K   //    02 Oct 2017, 18:30 IST

Sam Adonis
Sam Adonis

What’s the story?

Newly crowned WWE Cruiserweight champion, Enzo Amore recently took it to twitter and decided to mock Corey Graves by saying that he has failed as a wrestler.

This, however, did not play well with Graves’ brother Sam Adonis, who responded to Enzo’s tweet by saying that it might be time for him to head back to WWE and put a beating of Enzo for making such comments.

In case you didn’t know…

WWE announcer, Corey Graves recently tweeted out (in a humorous manner) claiming that he has failed as a father because his son decided to celebrate by doing Enzo’s signature dance moves during a baseball match. Enzo then replied to Graves by saying that he did not fail as a father, instead he had failed as a wrestler.

Graves’ brother, Sam Adonis was a WWE wrestler during the year 2011, when he wrestled for the company’s developmental league FCW. However, he was released from the company just after having two matches, post his devastating knee injury.

The heart of the matter

Adonis was definitely unhappy with Enzo’s comments regarding his brother Graves. He responded on Twitter saying that maybe it was time for him to return to WWE and kick Enzo’s teeth down his throat. Adonis also referred the current Cruiserweight champion as an “idiot”.

Adonis was clearly unhappy with Enzo’s comments regarding Graves, who was forced to retire from professional wrestling due to him suffering multiple concussions.

Formerly, known as Buddy Stretcher during his WWE tenure, Adonis has clearly improved a lot in these past six years and there might be a chance that WWE decides to bring him back and pitch him in a match against Enzo.

What’s next?

Adonis is currently signed with Mexican promotion CMLL, where he portrays a “Donald Trump supporter” character. The character has been really successful since its inception and Adonis was also labelled as the “Most hated man in Mexico” at one point.

Adonis recently made his debut in Japan, when he performed for AJPW in their 30th-anniversary show. He might be working on a regular basis for CMLL, but there could be a possibility he might work for WWE once his CMLL contract expires.

Author’s take

With massive backstage heat on him in recent months, Enzo Amore surely crossed the line this time, mocking Graves’ retirement. This could get Enzo into trouble once again.

As far as Adonis is concerned I would love to see him back in the WWE (even if it’s for one match) and put a beating on Enzo. The Cruiserweight champion has been assaulted by almost the entire roster as of lately. It will be interesting to note the direction in which this story decided to head.

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