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NJPW News: Ospreay asks his detractors to 'get with the times'

883   //    15 Jun 2016, 20:08 IST
Will Ospreay with BOSJ trophy

Ricochet and Will Ospreay entertained the Japanese crowd with a match that could be said as the controversy’s new child. Even though the Japanese audience ate it up, the opinion of the match stood divided among the IWC veterans. With many calling it as Match of the eYar, few veterans expressed their dissatisfaction with the match by calling out that it had no selling.

Hot on its heel, Ospreay won the NWJP Best of Super Juniors tournament. Ospreay received a hero’s welcome this Sunday when he entered Revolution Pro Wrestling’s York Hall event. He wrestled Speedball Mike Bailey in that event. In the match, Ospreay performed another Vader Bomb which his never opponents never sell and few ribbings to Vader, who was the prominent detractor of Ricochet vs Ospreay match, was present.

After winning his match with a 450 splash and a springboard stunner (which looks way more cool than the one John Cena botches every time), Ospreay took to the mike to drop a pipebomb on his detractors.

"I want to address something and it's not about what time it is. I tell you what, you know what time it is? It's time to get with the times! The IWC wants to say Ospreay doesn't tell any stories. Now I don't know why they'd want a dyslexic kid to read them Harry Potter...."

With his mic skills and daredevil stunts, we could all see Ospreay very soon in WWE. But until then, let’s enjoy him in the indie where nothing is barred for a while.   

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