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Interview: Apollo Crews discusses Rey Mysterio, Tozawa quitting Titus Worldwide & more

Riju Dasgupta
7.07K   //    13 Feb 2018, 01:00 IST

We picked Apollo Crews' mind about a variety of topics
We picked Apollo Crews' brain about a variety of topics

The road to WrestleMania 34 is officially underway, and WWE kicked things off into high gear with a teleconference featuring Titus Worldwide member Apollo Crews. He spoke to several international media outlets over the course of forty-five minutes and was graceful and cordial, through the conversation.

I had a chance to ask him three questions during this phone call. Here is a glimpse of our short, sweet and interesting conversation.

#1 You had a chance to work with Impact Wrestling superstar Moose during your recent independent appearance at PCW. Do you see more dream matches of this nature, between superstars of different promotions, happening down the line?

Apollo Crews: Yeah I think so. It's crazy. We've seen it happen before with other companies as well. I think we did some stuff in PROGRESS. I think it's a cool interesting opportunity that would be part of the future.

The amount of talent that's out there not just in NXT or WWE, but in the world, it's ridiculous. Just so much talent out there. It's only a matter of time before all those guys get a chance to showcase their talent on the WWE level or the NXT level. So, you know it's something I look forward to, to happen.

#2 Why is Tozawa no longer a part of Titus Worldwide?

Apollo Crews: We never said he's not a part of Titus Worldwide (Laughs). Just because he's not around doesn't mean he's not part of the crew. So, he's still a loyal, faithful member of Titus Worldwide.

#3 Finally, you were in the same Royal Rumble match as Rey Mysterio recently. Considering your high flying style, was he an influence of yours? Did you get to interact with him after the match?

Apollo Crews: Yeah, I mean Rey is amazing. He came in there looking like he hadn't missed a step, hadn't missed a beat. Amazing shape. Amazing talent. Not just a motivation for me, not just an inspiration for me, but for so many. You know what I mean?

To see him back in a WWE ring for me was awesome and to be in the same match as he was even more so. I didn't get to talk to him in peace as much as I would have liked to but hopefully one day I'll get to sit down and have a lively conversation with him.

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