Interview: Becky Lynch on the first ever Women's Ladder Match, teaming up with AJ Styles in the future and her thoughts on being in the main event at a PPV

Becky Lynch will face her biggest challenge yet at WWE Money In The Bank this Sunday
Becky Lynch will face her biggest challenge yet at WWE Money In The Bank this Sunday

Becky Lynch (real name Rebecca Quin) has been an integral part of the WWE Women’s Revolution since her days in NXT. She was part of one of the biggest factions that the promotion has ever seen, The Four Horsewomen along with fellow Superstars Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Sasha Banks. Since moving to the WWE main roster, Becky has made history by becoming the first-ever SmackDown Women’s Champion at Backlash in 2016 and since then she has kept the train rolling with numerous victories and many memorable matches.

Becky joined the WWE in 2013 and within a span of less than four years, has achieved more than most Superstars do in their entire careers. It's safe to say that Becky Lynch a.k.a The Irish Lass Kicker is one of the biggest names in women’s wrestling today.

Becky will be facing Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya and Carmella at Money in the Bank for the first-ever Women’s Ladder match this Sunday. We caught up with the Irish Lass Kicker days before the historical match that will shape the future of the Women’s Revolution in the WWE. She spoke to us about topics ranging from the possibility of her main eventing a PPV, who she would pick for a Mixed Tag Match, if she would ever try out MMA and how she met her boyfriend, UFC fighter Luke Sanders.

Q: This is the first time in WWE’s history that we will see a Women’s Ladder Match at Money In The Bank. Can you tell us who came up with the idea for the Match?

A: I think it was one of the writers or Road Dogg. I can't be a hundred percent sure but I just know that it was one of those things where it was: “are we sure we can do this?”, and then I think seeing the calibre of talent we have on SmackDown, they were like: “yes we can do this and yes it's gonna be great!”

Q: With the huge success of the Women’s Revolution, the women on SmackDown should main event in a Pay-Per-View soon. Who would you like your opponent to be at a PPV main event?

A: I would love to face Charlotte, because I think that we have only began to scratch the surface with our feud before Sasha came in so we never really got much of a singles one and I would love that to be the main event in a Pay-Per-View.

Q: The Mae Young Classic tournament should be a big sign of the success of the Women’s Revolution. What do you think should be the prize for the winner of the Mae Young Classic?

A: As far as I know, it will be a trophy like they did with the Cruiserweight Classic. I think it would be the same thing. And then I'd like to see the winner come up and try her hand at SmackDown. That'd be great!

Q: If you had to pick a male Tag-Team partner for a Mixed Tag Match, who would you like on your team and why?

A: Currently, AJ Styles, because it's not just a moniker, he is Phenomenal. He's just incredible, one of the best that we have and have ever had. I think our entrances are quite a bit similar so I think that we could come up with something pretty awesome to do there...I think we'd be unstoppable as a tag team.

Q: You've had the chance to work with a great number of Superstars since debuting on the main roster. Other than the “Horsewomen”, who was the best Superstar to work with?

A: I love working with Natalya. She's amazing, she's so good technically and has so much experience. I absolutely love working with Natalya. Another person was Brie Bella, when she was here. I loved working with Brie Bella, I thought she was great.

Q: Can you tell us how you met UFC fighter, Luke Sanders?

A: I actually met him in L.A., which is where we live right now and I met him here, through common interests.

Q: Would you ever try your hand at MMA?

A: No. That's not something that I envision myself doing. It’s not my passion; I'm passionate about sports entertainment and that's where I wanna keep putting my energy into.

Q: Can you tell us who came up with your finisher (the Dis-Arm-Her) and why the name?

A: Actually it was Goldust who came up with it. The name was something that Simon Gotch came up with. I was trying to figure out a name for it and he's actually very good at wordplay, so he came up with that.

You can catch Becky Lynch as she competes with four other Superstars at the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday on the WWE Network.

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