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Interview: Bobby Roode talks about which brand he'd like to join on the main roster and who he'd like to face at Wrestlemania

Pratyay Ghosh
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Bobby Roode – Making NXT “Glorious” one step at a time

We recently caught up with NXT Champion, the “Glorious” Bobby Roode during a WWE conference call and had the chance to ask him a couple of questions. He discussed his eventual main roster call-up as well as his transition to WWE after 12 years with TNA and more. The complete transcript is below.

Q: Which brand do you prefer to move to after you get called up to the main roster - RAW or SmackDown?

A: No, I don't (have a preference). I think both brands are great and obviously, I'd rather go to the brand that suits me the most at whatever time that is (main roster call-up). Whether it be SmackDown Live or RAW, it really doesn't matter.

I think the talent is exceptional on both sides so I can sink my teeth into whatever is put in front of me in either brand so whether it's Monday nights or Tuesday nights, it really doesn't matter to me.

Q: After spending 12 years in TNA, how was your transition to WWE and NXT like?

A: It was very easy for me. I had some major talks with Triple H after I left TNA. Then I went to Dallas for Wrestlemania weekend and spoke to him face to face and the ball kinda got rolling from there. It's been a great transition and everybody has welcomed me with open arms and they've worked with me.

There are so many great minds that are there in NXT and WWE that you can learn from and pick their brain. The talent, of course, I've said it a million times, in WWE is exceptional. Obviously, leaving a company I'd been in for 12 years and got comfortable and enjoyed a lot of success, to come to a company like WWE was a bit nerve-racking but I settled in quickly and that had a lot to do with being welcomed in to the locker room.

Q: When you step out to complete at a Wrestlemania, who would you dream opponent be? 

A: There are a lot of guys that I would choose, too many to probably mention. There are some great guys there, but to answer this question which I'm sure will come up a lot of times, whoever the world champion is.

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