Interview: Cesaro and Sheamus talk feud with The Shield and their entrance

The Bar were well received by New Delhi
The Bar
well received by New Delhi

We at Sportskeeda briefly spoke to the current RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus(or as they call themselves: The Bar), and they gave us insight into a couple of things prior to the WWE Live Event in New Delhi.

Sportskeeda: With your feud with the Shield, more specifically Rollins and Ambrose going on for quite a few months now, how do both of the teams manage to keep the matches fresh and entertaining on a constant basis?

Sheamus: They’ve been trying to keep up with us for the last couple of months, which is really good. The trick is just going out there and having fun and just doing what you do, and constantly innovating and doing new things.

Cesaro: That’s what we do, we are not lazy, we always want to push each other to new limits, to new heights, we never stand still and always move forward. Sheamus is healthy and good to go(indicating rumours of him dealing with a spinal stenosis injury - the same injury that ended the careers of Edge and Steve Austin).

Sportskeeda: Who came up with the team’s entrance?

Cesaro: That’s just what it became, you know, it’s a mix between my entrance and Sheamus’ entrance and we were just having a good time.

Sheamus: That’s the best entrance in WWE by far, the best entrance.

Cesaro: You’ve just seen the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions of all time, best Tag Team ever in the world, taking these titles all over the world,

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