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Interview: Eddie Vergara discusses his career, his experience in the USA, wrestling in Chile and more

Xose Merant
720   //    25 Feb 2018, 10:49 IST

Eddie Vergara with the CNL National Championship
Eddie Vergara with the CNL National Championship.

This week I had the opportunity to interview Eddie Vergara, a Chilean wrestler who started his career in 2007 and is currently one of the most important talents of CNL (National Wrestling Championship). During his time in wrestling, Vergara has witnessed how the Chilean wrestling circuit has become the largest in South America.

The 'Chilean Export' also talked about his experience in the United States, the importance of CNL in Chile, the greatest achievement of his career and if we can watch CNL live soon by streaming.

#1 Where were you born and where do you currently live?

Eddie Vergara: I was born, I grew up and I was trained in the illustrious community of La Florida, Santiago, at the foot of the mountain. 

#2 Why did you decide to dedicate yourself to wrestling?

Eddie Vergara: I always had a lot of artistic and sports restlessness. I have practised many activities. Wrestling has always been one of them since I was a kid, when I watched wrestling shows on TV. Little by little I was improving and training in wrestling.

#3 What promotions have you worked on and what are you currently working on?

Eddie Vergara: I am currently in CNL. In Chile, I was also in Arica Lucha Libre (ALL), Impacto Calama, Acción Sin Límites (ASL), Valparaíso Lucha Libre (VLL), National Strike Force (NSF) y Xtreme Lucha Libre (XLL). In the United States, I was in Fighting Spirit Wrestling and The Dynasty from New York.


#4 What is your opinion about the current status of wrestling in Chile?

Eddie Vergara: We are much better than years ago, but there is still much to improve. We are well on our way but there is still a long way to go until wrestling is common in all the people of Chile and not something strange, but something popular and everyone. 

#5 What did the experience of having been in the United States mean to you?

Eddie Vergara: By far it has been one of the most important experiences in wrestling and in my life. It showed me that all the years of sacrifice he had had in Chilean wrestling had paid off. I felt very comfortable and they realized how comfortable I felt with their style. It was easy for me to work and I was able to make a quick debut there.

I even took charge of classes at the academy where I was. When I returned, most of the Chilean wrestlers were already familiar with that style and that meant being able to work much easier here in Chile.

#6 Is CNL the most important promotion in the Chilean circuit?

Eddie Vergara: I always say that the great detail that CNL is the first serious company dedicated to wrestling events. CNL works as a company and also welcomes all the outstanding wrestlers of the Chilean circuit. It does not have a limited roster, the idea is always that the talents of all the promotions are shown in CNL.

In addition, the responsibility of CNL is to bring these events not only to people from Santiago, the capital, but also to the interior of the country, which is what we have been doing these months and last year. CNL is a company that is finally taking wrestling to the place it deserves in Chile.

#7 You were the first National Champion of CNL and had the longest reign. Is this the greatest achievement of your career so far?

Eddie Vergara: It was the biggest and best achievement of my career so far. There have been several interesting ones. There was also the Metropolitan Championship, wrestle in the presence of William Regal and my experience in the United States.

But undoubtedly the most important was to win the first National Championship of CNL in a tournament where they were the best of the Chilean circuit. I became a champion in a ladder match that many people here remember as a great match and me too. Without a doubt, this is the greatest achievement I've had so far.

#8 How would you define your style of wrestling?

Eddie Vergara: It’s like when they ask a band the style of music they play. I have based on the American style, I have taken movements of wrestlers that I find great and based on that I have been building my arsenal of movements. It is difficult to define it. I would say only Vergara style.

#9 What wrestlers do you consider as important influences?

Eddie Vergara: Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and Dave Finlay.

#10 Do you currently watch WWE programming? Do you watch ROH or NJPW?

Eddie Vergara: Very little. When I can, I meet with my friends to watch the pay-per-views of WWE. I only see what I find of WWE, NXT, ROH and NJPW and other Indies in social media. I never see the complete matches, just the highlights.

#11 You mentioned before that you were born and raised in Florida. Are you a fan of Audax Italiano or any other Chilean football team? What are your hobbies when you do not dedicate yourself to wrestling?

Eddie Vergara: There is only one team that represents Chile and that is Colo Colo. That is my team. I hate Chilean football with my soul, especially the hooligans. I do not go to the stadiums and I do not see much football on TV. I stopped seeing it a long time ago.

My hobby is watching action movies and science fiction movies. I also do other sports activities. Training is my most common hobby. I also like to go out and socialize.

#12 Can fans from Chile and the world see CNL live streaming soon?

Eddie Vergara: It's a good question but you have to do it to the CNL executives. We have all the shows on the official CNL YouTube channel. But if you are in Chile go to the shows.

The next CNL show will be Ignición (Ignition) and will take place next March 11th at the Chocolate Club of Santiago. If you are in Chile, I recommend you attend. If you are not in Chile but you are interested in CNL, I recommend you visit the official CNL channel on YouTube.