Interview: In conversation with Impact Wrestling World Champion Austin Aries ahead of Slammiversary

Can Austin Aries emerge victorious after his toughest match yet?
Can Austin Aries emerge victorious after his toughest match yet?
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 19 Jul 2018

The Impact Wrestling World Champion addressed international media ahead of Slammiversary. At the event, he will be putting up his championship against a significantly larger opponent named Moose!

Aries was his usual brash and charismatic self during the course of the conversation that transpired. I had a chance to ask him two questions. Here they are, for your reading pleasure!

SK: When you first came to Impact Wrestling, you were a clear babyface. Over the course of time, you've become slightly heelish culminating with the attack on DeAngelo Williams. Was this a conscious decision or only done for this feud?

Austin Aries: I don't know. If you listen, DeAngelo Williams is in my ring and he calls me names. He calls me trash! He calls me 'Austin Crybabies' which is almost clever but not quite. I don't know if what I did is 'heelish', to use your term. I'd say a guy stepped into my ring and disrespected me and I'd to show him where he belonged and who he was talking to.

When I first came into Impact Wrestling, of course, you want to get into everybody's good graces. You got that little honeymoon phase where everyone's trying to win each other over. Including me trying to win the fans over because I knew that would serve me best!

Reality of the situation is that I've always worked best when I've this edge to me. When I have this chip on my shoulder. When I'm able to let my true feelings out towards certain people. Whether that be the fans or the people I'm working with.

No one wakes up as a good person every day. No one wakes up as a bad person every day. Well, some people do. But everything's strategic. Right now I'm in my comfort zone. The results are showing that.


SK: Rich Swann followed a pretty similar career path as yours before he arrived in Impact Wrestling. What do you think of his arrival and what do you think the future holds for him?

Austin Aries: I love Rich Swann. First and foremost, it's great to see him step back into the wrestling ring as a fan. But it's good to see him with a smile back on his face. It's good to see him with a support system around him that believes in him and wants to see him shine.

He's so talented, and he's still a kid in a lot of ways. He grew up a lot in the last few years and he's on a platform now that allows him to go out there and show just how talented he is. To have another A-level talent in a talented roster, to begin with, is a huge coup for Impact Wrestling.


Be sure to catch Impact Wrestling on SONY ESPN and SONY ESPN HD! Are you excited about Slammiversary?

Published 19 Jul 2018, 01:13 IST
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