Interview: Jinder Mahal talks a potential RAW move, who he'd like to win the tag titles with, and more

Jinder Mahal has several title aspirations

We spoke briefly with former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, who gave us several important talking points about his future that you might be interested in. While The Modern Day Maharaja has garnered a lot of critics over his WWE Championship run, that hasn't phased him and his recent time away from the main event scene of SmackDown Live hasn't reduced his drive to be the very best there is.

Here's what Jinder Mahal had to tell us

Sportskeeda: Would you be open to moving to RAW the next time there's a draft or superstar shake-up?

Jinder Mahal: Absolutely. I go wherever I'm called. SmackDown Live is the land of opportunity and I took advantage of that opportunity, but I believe that I'm one of the main superstars in WWE, and whether I'm on RAW or whether I'm on SmackDown, I will be successful.I could definitely see there being a shake-up, some superstars will switch, but whichever side I'm on, RAW or SmackDown, I'm more than happy to represent that brand and compete against the superstars of that respective brand and win either the Universal or WWE Championship at the end.

SK: Rusev gained a lot of popularity with his "Rusev Day" gimmick. What do you think about his progression and do you see yourself re-inventing your character down the road?

Jinder Mahal: *Laughs* Yeah, Rusev Day has taken the WWE by storm, but that's the cool thing with WWE, you never know what's going to click. Daniel Bryan had the 'Yes' Movement. That was phenomenal. Still to this day, the crowd is still doing the 'Yes' chant. Or something like 'Fandangoing' that happened on the post-WrestleMania(29) RAW. You never know what's going to catch on, but with the WWE sometimes, you take something that you don't expect and it becomes a massive, massive hit.

Those types of things can't be predicted and they can't be planned. Yes, I'd like to have my own moment like that, but it just has to happen organically, just like Rusev Day happened organically, just like the 'Yes' movement happened organically. Something will happen, but it's hard to plan. But when it happens it just happens. It's the WWE Universes decision what catches on and what doesn't.

SK: You mentioned that you want to win all the titles in WWE. If you were to go after the tag team titles, who can you see yourself teaming up with? Would it be someone like Drew McIntyre, who you have a history with or someone recent like Rusev?

Jinder Mahal: Drew would be awesome, I know he's focused on his singles career, he's doing his rehab, he's looking forward to coming back stronger than ever, but there will be a 3MB re-union. We will be more successful than in the past, so definitely. We're 3-time champions. Currently, someone like Elias would be a great tag partner, but also in NXT and in the Performance Center, there are many future superstars who train very hard.

There are even new Indian superstars who just got signed.I'm excited to see where they go in the future. They're going to work hard too to become main roster superstars of RAW and SmackDown. I would love to take one of them and hopefully in a few years when I'm more experienced in WWE, I could take a mentorship role and bring them to RAW or SmackDown and together we could hold a tag team championship. That would be very cool.

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