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Interview: Kofi Kingston reveals how The New Day decide the team for a match, if he prefers Big E or Xavier Woods and more

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The New Day
The New Day

Kofi Kingston is a former multiple time Intercontinental, US and Tag Team Champion in WWE and is also the current SmackDown Tag Team Champion as part of The New Day.

I had the chance to talk to him via a telecon, and here is what he had to say:

SK: When The New Day is a part of a tag team match, how do you decide which two members compete and who gets left out?

Kofi: Well, most of the times its simple rotation and other times for bigger matches we just kinda sit down and present our cases. If there is a match one of us feels he really wants to be in, we talk about why and the other two will keep that in consideration or pitch our interests or why we should be there. It's a democracy.

SK: And who do prefer teaming with more, Big E or Xavier Woods?

"You see, we call you a wedge driver" says Kofi laughing. He further adds: "Any time the New Day goes out, the team we pick is the best team; whether I'm out there with Big E or Xavier Woods, it's going to be the best combination. We all have different moves we do together. If it's me and Woods, we are the speed force and do a lot of hit and run type maneuvers. Big E and me, we are hard-hitting and high flying

Woods is a hybrid between a high flyer and a power guy and Big E is complete power and also very athletic. Better or worse, it's which team is more appropriate for the match."

SK: What is your opinion on Shawn Michaels finally coming out of retirement?

Kofi: Oh I think it's great, it's cool. Shawn Michaels was always my guy growing up, one of the guys who influenced me. He was a high flyer and threw in a lot of kicks too. There are a lot of kids who don't even know who Shawn Michaels is which is crazy. So now they are gonna know, see him in the ring and see what he does


I'm hard-pressed to say that he won't be exactly like he was when he left, but Shawn always knows how to steal the show and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does it this time.

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