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Interview: Luke Gallows discusses Young Bucks in WWE, 6-Man Titles & More!

Riju Dasgupta
3.15K   //    20 Feb 2018, 00:26 IST

Luke Gallows is a man who's content with his job
Luke Gallows is a man who's content with his job

This week, I was part of an international conference call featuring none other than Luke Gallows, one-third of the Balor Club. At the very start of the interaction, he was asked whether the rumors of him leaving WWE were true, and he shot them down.

Gallows appears to be a man who's rather content with his job. A man who considers WWE to be the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Here's a glimpse of our conversation.

Now that you're aligned with Finn Balor, do you think WWE should introduce 6-Man titles? And could we see matches between The Balor Club, The Shield and The New Day down the line?

Gallows: I would love to see WWE introduce the 6-Man Tag Team Championship. I think that the Balor Club would absolutely capture the titles.

And I agree with you that with The Shield and The New Day, there are a lot of great trios across the sports entertainment landscape right now. It would be exciting for the WWE Universe, absolutely. I'd love to see that.

I recently saw you wrestle in India. What was that experience like? Did you have a good time?

Gallows: I did. It's always nice to reach a new portion of the WWE Universe. A new portion of our audience. I hadn't been to India in about five years and going back under the WWE banner, it was a thrill, a rush for all of us...the WWE Superstars.

I think the fans, the WWE Universe had a great time as well. So, positive experience all the way around. I welcome the chance to go back.

Do you think The Young Bucks will ever come to WWE?

Gallows: I don't know but I hope so. I think they're highly, highly talented and if you want to make your mark in sports entertainment, if you want your name to go down in the annals of sports entertainment history, you absolutely have to come to WWE. This is the pinnacle. It doesn't get bigger than this.


There's no bigger worldwide stage than WWE. So, I think the Young Bucks owe it to themselves to come out here and thrive!

Ultimately, what did you think of Chris Jericho going to Japan for his Wrestle Kingdom match?

Gallows: I think it's great. I think it's a testament to the culture of today's sports entertainment. Five-ten years ago, you wouldn't see something like that happen.

But Chris Jericho went there, made a huge mark on Japanese wrestling and came back home here for RAW 25. I think it was a great thing.

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