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Interview: Petey Williams talks about possible new stable, favorite X-division star and much more

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Petey Williams

Petey Williams is the former stablemate of Bobby Roode and Eric Young when they were all part of Team Canada. He is also a pioneer of the X-division and the innovator of the finishing move "Canadian Destroyer".

I got a chance to catch-up with Petey Williams during a teleconference and asked him a couple of questions which he answered with great detail.

SK: With the Lucha underground vs Impact Wrestling show coming up, which LU star would you like to face?

Petey: If I had to choose, it would probably be Son of Havoc. We have wrestled before when he wrestled as Matt Cross and had great matches and great chemistry. So I would like to face him as Son of Havoc and I think we can put on another great wrestling match. We started wrestling each other over 10 years ago so I look at us as old men but we can still go in and entertain the fans.

SK: As a pioneer of the X-division, what do you think of the current division and who do you think has the most potential to shine?

Petey: I really like Trevor Lee. I think he brings a different dynamic to the X-division; he is athletic and all but he can also wrestle the heavyweight style. He's kind of in-between and he is very young so I can see him after he done doing what he is doing in the X-division, he can move to the heavyweight division and make an impact there. Trevor has a good future with the company. Who else? Desmond Xavier..he is super smooth in the ring. He is young and could be the future of the X-division.

SK: You were part of one of the most famous stables in impact wrestling(Team Canada). So if you had a chance to create another stable, what would it be and who would you choose as your stable mates?

Petey: That's a good question! Why not do Team Canada once again, just call it something else. We are pretty much a Canada based company now so it would be awesome if D'more was the coach again and Allie could be the female or Casey as the female in the group. Tyson Dux is a great Canadian wrestler who could be brought in or even Michael Elgin or something like that. I'd like to bring Tyson into Impact and form a stable.

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