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Interview: Rico De La Vega discusses the ROH plans for 2018, All In, Honor Club and more

395   //    21 Feb 2018, 14:15 IST

Rico is a ROH commentator in English and Spanish.
Rico is an ROH commentator in English and Spanish.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Rico De La Vega, ROH commentator in English and Spanish. Rico told us about his beginnings in the company, about talents that he would like to see in ROH, as well as the 'Honor Club', the new streaming service that ROH will premiere the first quarter of the year.

The Puerto Rican also told us about what 2018 will mean for ROH, his best time in the company and the show that Cody and The Young Bucks want to organize for 10,000 spectators.

#1 Where were you born and where do you currently live?

Rico De La Vega: I'm from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. Now I am located in New Jersey, USA.

#2 Is your whole family Puerto Rican?

Rico De La Vega: Yes.

#3 How was your arrival in ROH?

Rico De La Vega: I started with the company in 2015. I helped with the crew and I made the security. My first great show was that year's Final Battle. It was a great experience because it turned out to be the last show for AJ Styles before his departure to the WWE. They were also the final shows of Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis. I was an additional security guard for this show and I was able to go on camera.

I kept coming to the shows, which led me to go to a seminar at the ROH Dojo. I was able to show them my microphone skills and be criticized. I received a good response and, in the course of a few months, Delirious and Kevin Kelly contacted me to commentate in Spanish for the upcoming All-Star Extravaganza 8 event.

Since then, I have commentating for Future of Honor, Women of Honor and a couple of television episodes. I am loving the trip so far.

#4 Which wrestlers would you like to see ROH this 2018?

Rico De La Vega: I can tell you who I want to see more in ROH in 2018. I would like to see more of the stars of NJPW and CMLL, wrestlers like Dragon Lee and Titan. Josh Briggs, who is an amazing talent and former member of my Beast Cartel faction, as well as stars like Curt Stallion, Brian Milonas, Gladiator Jeremiah, Chase ‘Cauliflower’ Brown and the list goes on. So much talent!

#5 What is your opinion about Honor Club, the new streaming service that ROH is about to launch?

Rico De La Vega: I love it. Ring of Honor has the best wrestling on the planet and we should be able to provide that to the entire world. We have such a diverse fan base and we want to make sure we can serve them.

#6 Is there anything new about ROH that you can tell us?

Rico De La Vega: I will only say this: Ring of Honor is a company that only keeps improving with each passing day. 2018 is our year... it's just the beginning.

#7 2017 was the most successful year in the history of ROH. Do you think that ROH is in a position to improve what was done in 2018?

Rico De La Vega: Definitely! Every event we had continued to improve each time. We have one of the most talented locker rooms in the world.

#8 What is the best time you have had in ROH so far?

Rico De La Vega: I think it had to be the first match I did, commentating in English. I had the opportunity to do it with a great friend like Ian Riccaboni and in the match, there were two friends of mine with whom I trained in Monster Factory - Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni, known as Coast 2 Coast. Being there in Philadelphia, near where we all lived, grew up and wrestle, was a very intense thing.

#9 Do you think that All In, the show for 10,000 spectators organized by Cody and The Young Bucks, is feasible?

Rico De La Vega: Yes! With as many individual fans as the Bullet Club fans, it can easily be a reality.

#10 Can ROH become known globally?

Rico De La Vega: As all the things that have become successes, this takes time. And at the rate that we are going, we have little left.

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