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Interview: Rusev speaks about getting snubbed by Goldberg and Jinder Mahal, and more...

Riju Dasgupta
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Coincidentally, it was also Rusev Day when this interview took place.
Coincidentally, it was Rusev Day when this interview took place.

Rusev was the special guest on the latest global teleconference that WWE put together, to promote the road to WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. I only had the chance to ask him three questions, but from his answers, it was clear to see why Rusev has become such a favorite among the WWE Universe.

Rusev clearly seems to be more comfortable playing his current 'Rusev Day' gimmick, as compared to the foreign heel gimmick that was once thrust upon him (despite the fact that he made perhaps the greatest WrestleMania entrance ever, on a battle tank). Here is a glimpse of our short but entertaining conversation:

Happy Rusev Day!

Rusev: Happy Rusev Day, my friend!

In the first round of the Mixed Match Challenge, you will team up with Lana to take on Elias and Bayley. Do you think Elias is a better musician than Aiden English?

Rusev: Absolutely not. Aiden English is a prodigy when it comes to music. He graduated with a theatrical background and everything else. No way can Elias out-musician Aiden English.

How was your experience working with Goldberg? I know that you were a fan.

Rusev: Oh, it was great. So, the first day he met me, I went to shake hands and he looked the other way. I was like, okay! You don't care about me. That's up to you. And then, we had to work together and then he came and gave me a big hug, and said 'thank you' and all that.

But he looked good. He went out there. He was trying to do a couple of things. Unfortunately, he slipped. He had to hold my hand so that he could get up. Things happened. We went through it and now, he's my best friend.

When asked about Jinder Mahal, a man Rusev used to team up with in the past, Rusev went on to mention that they had a great time teaming together, but he was surprised when Jinder Mahal won the gold, and he was astonished that he hadn't received a title shot in the 6 months that Mahal held the WWE Championship.

He added that he hadn't received a shot at the WWE Championship in 4 years. This part has been outlined in such a manner because the recording wasn't really clear to jot exact specifics down. Let's hope there's some gold in Rusev's immediate future.

And yes, Happy Rusev Day to all our readers.

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