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WWE News: Roman Reigns talks about hating the Shield's initial uniform and more...

Riju Dasgupta
37.35K   //    29 Mar 2017, 17:44 IST
Roman Reigns does not like turtleneck vests!

Roman Reigns was in conversation with Access Hollywood, and he discussed a variety of topics ranging from his childhood to his in-ring wrestling gear. Here are a few excerpts from the interview.

#1 – You look a little different when looking at others getting into WWE. You’ve had stops in NFL, you've also done CFL. What made you decide that you want to get into WWE?

Roman Reigns: Oh, it's a family business. My father, my uncle...they were the Wild Samoans in the 70s and early 80s, to my brother all the way to some of my older cousins, down to some of the cousins who’re my age...The Usos who're currently with Smackdown. So, it’s just our family business, and I’m glad to be in it.

#2- I mean it’s like a legacy almost for your family. Is that added pressure for you? Does it help? You have people to go to and talk about what you're dealing with, what you're seeing in the ring?

Roman Reigns: In that regard, yeah, you hit it right on the head. There is the pressure and the responsibility, but the cool thing is I have the outlet. I have people to tap into and ask questions and get the experience from, that helped me before in my earlier days with the WWE. To get the experience to talk to who’d been there because I hadn't been there at that point. Now that I have it feels a lot better, and it’s always nice to lean on family. I think everybody knows that.

#3- Was it always like a dream of yours or was it like an avenue...’Well, you know what? Let’s try it and see.

Roman Reigns: No, you know what? Growing up as a kid I was always know me, and my cousins would play, we’d dress up in their dad's gear that he would leave home. It didn't happen until I got deep into football, like when I knew I was going to play college football, I took that more seriously than thinking I was going to be a WWE superstar. But once I hung up the cleats...I knew where I supposed to go. We hang up the cleats...we pick up the wrestling boots.

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#4- Really?

Roman Reigns: Yeah

#5- The uniforms, the outfits, the costumes are crazy. Do you have any hand in creating those and picking those out or is that all kind of ‘here’s your costume’?

Roman Reigns: I think everybody’s a little different. I debuted with the Shield, so we came in the same kind of pants I still wear, the military cargo pants and we had turtlenecks on. Black, long sleeve turtlenecks. So, all three of us kinda hated that, and the next day we went out and started thinking- ‘let's get some vests and get that swat look’ and that's what we went with and it stuck and from then, when I split, I kinda kept a similar look but I wore my logo in a vest that I wanted to do. 

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