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Is Becky Lynch "The Best in the World"?

Brandon Ewing
2.50K   //    29 Oct 2018, 23:35 IST

Becky Lynch retains her SmackDown Live Women's Championship after a hard fought victory over Charlotte Flair at
Becky Lynch retains her SmackDown Live Women's Championship after a hard fought victory over Charlotte Flair at "WWE Evolution".

Becky Lynch's popularity and rise to the top of the WWE Women's Division has been well documented and well received by the WWE Universe. She has single handily become the most popular wrestler in the women's division today. Fans can relate to her passion, her drive to be the very best in the wrestling industry. She has worked relentlessly hard to get to this point.

I compare her to CM Punk because I see a lot, of what he went through and what he had to overcome, in Becky Lynch today. We all know the story of CM Punk, from his epic "Pipe Bomb" promo that rocked the wrestling world to its core and sent Punk to a whole new level of popularity and respect that he earned from wrestling fans, nonbelievers, fellow wrestlers, and so on. The reason the promo worked was that the fans believed in him and respected his hard work, his passion, his drive, his commitment, his competitiveness and the will to be the "Best in the World". CM Punk did that. For better or worse, Punk achieved his goals and became the talk of the wrestling world for several years.

CM Punk dropped a
CM Punk dropped a "Pipe Bomb" heard around the world in July 2011 on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Times have changed since 2011. Punk is no longer with the company and has moved on to other career ventures. CM Punk left the WWE in early 2014, citing various issues with the WWE, injuries and health problems. Becky Lynch, in a roundabout way, is becoming the next CM Punk... and hopefully, her story will not end with the same fate as Punk's.

Becky Lynch had been put on the back burner and was lost in the shuffle for the better part of this past year on SmackDown Live. Having to sit back and watch the likes of Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Nia Jax, Ronda Rousey and so many others on the RAW and SmackDown Live brands ascend the ladder, while she was stuck in neutral for the longest time.

Becky Lynch turned "heel" at Summer Slam 2018, with her loss to Carmella and Charlotte Flair, as Charlotte became the new SmackDown Live Women's Champion. This was the spark needed to light a fire inside Becky Lynch, as all of her pent-up frustration and anger boiled over to the surface and was taken out on her former friend Charlotte in one vicious assault.

The fans loved every single moment of this. WWE was confused. They wanted Becky to be the heel and Charlotte the babyface. Much to their dismay, the company would have to deal with it and roll with the punches. The fans made the decision for WWE. They wanted Becky to be their hero, their shining light through the darkness. Charlotte Flair was tagged as the immediate heel just by her namesake alone and her past accomplishments, having that illustrious "Flair" dynasty riding on her shoulders. She earned more opportunities between RAW and SmackDown Live than most women on the roster during the height of the women's revolution movement. This alone caused the jealousy to mount, along with any built up tension and anger between Becky and Charlotte.

The two women competed in rematches for the Women's Championship over the course of the last two months. Becky defeated Charlotte and captured the Women's Championship at "Hell in a Cell", then squeaked by Charlotte as she was able to retain the title at "Super Show-Down" following a disqualification. Days later, the two women competed on SmackDown Live and wrestled to a double count-out, resulting in Becky Lynch keeping her championship.


The attacks, The promos. The verbal exchanges. The burning inferno began to engulf the WWE Universe as the two women continued their rivalry into "WWE Evolution", this past Sunday night. The two women competed in what arguably could be the best women's match up in WWE for 2018, to date. Everything that was not nailed down was used for the match, as both ladies competed in a "Last Woman Standing" match to culminate their feud. Steel Chairs. Kendo Sticks. Tables. You name it, it was used. Both women pulled off an incredible, amazing match that is still being talked about as of this writing all over social media.

Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair to retain her title. She once again proved her worth as the SmackDown Live Women's Champion and silenced any doubters and naysayers who felt otherwise. As Becky continues her rise to the top, the question still remains: Is Becky Lynch the "Best in the World!"? I would say...

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