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Opinion: Is CM Punk Truly 'All In'?

3.06K   //    24 May 2018, 14:21 IST

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The buzz has been on for months, but it finally seems that the Young Bucks and Cody have put a stamp on the fact that CM Punk will be joining them on the tour for their September event All In. This will be in a non-wrestling capacity for a fan signing event among other including those competing at the All Event, promoted and hosted by independent wrestlers themselves.

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After the announcement that he will be at the August 31st signing, the event got sold out pretty quick along with the exclusive pro wrestling tees signed by Punk personally. It's interesting, to say the least, consider a few years back Punk vowed not to get involved in wrestling. He has even seemed to move on with a supposed dream career in MMA and the UFC.

Whatever the case, the intriguing thing to note is that Punk wasn't announced until now. It seems like this is a last-minute deal to get Punk on board with an event run by the wrestlers of Bullet Club/The Elite themselves at the Sears Center in Chicago.

Not that the Bucks and Cody need Punk at all. Their event sold out in no time once the tickets came on sale. It's an unprecedented move by the elite wrestlers, who are going out of their way to promote an event that isn't affiliated with any large-scale or independent wrestling promotion.

This grand initiative from the wrestlers themselves might have attracted Punk in the first place, having notoriously walked away from WWE due to the alleged politicking played by management. If anything, with a sold-out event and a game Punk (adding to his signing appearances), maybe we could finally see the return of the straight edge superstar to his former passion.

The great thing about Punk's surprising return with no wrestling commitment could just mean he will be a surprise package for this All In event. What better way to thank the Chicago fans that forked over the good money, by giving them this extra special gift.

Even if not in a wrestling capacity, Punk making an unscheduled appearance in All In should provide the boost for such an event. The idea that wrestlers as individuals, especially those working the independent circuit can sell out an event on their own would have been absurd a few years ago.

This is despite the fact that much like actors in films, it is the talent that sells the wrestling public to the wider audience. Even then promotions and promoters have been the norm for ages, especially in the independent circuit.


It took daring individuals like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega and even Cody to change the face of independent wrestling and pro wrestling in general. Add to that the success of outsiders like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the WWE system means that there is a change of guard coming in pro wrestling.

If CM Punk were to truly return to the change he has in one way initiated and come All In with this historic event, it could be the next evolving step in the future of professional wrestling.

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