Is Greg Hamilton still in WWE?

Greg Hamilton
Greg Hamilton

WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton is still a very big part of WWE. The WWE employee made a rather controversial statement about Lio Rush recently that saw him come into the spotlight.

Greg Hamilton got engaged earlier this year to his long-time partner Ariana Thompson and shared his joy with his best friends in WWE.

What does Greg Hamilton do in WWE?

Greg Hamilton is the ring announcer for WWE SmackDown on FOX. He is still a part of WWE and can be seen on the "superstars" page of the WWE website.

Greg Hamilton with others on the WWE Superstars page
Greg Hamilton with others on the WWE Superstars page

Hamilton regularly announces the top matches taking place on the show, and has been called the voice of SmackDown on FOX before.

Greg Hamilton on Lio Rush's announcement

There were recent reports that revealed Lio Rush was retiring from professional wrestling after sustaining injuries to his shoulder that left him unable to lift his son. The news caught the attention of Greg Hamilton, who then responded to the story with a cutting message:

"Wow.. unreal.. if we all didn't have our own lives and families to take care of I just might pretend to give a ****. (On behalf of the wrestling family and community who work for a living). On to the gym."

He quickly deleted the tweet, but it was spotted and shared by other users.

Hamilton went on to apologize for his tweet the next day. He said that he and Rush didn't see eye to eye, but he had been wrong to make such a statement about Rush when the latter was not in a good place in his life:

"I can admit when I’m wrong….and I was wrong. "He added, "We don’t have to see eye to eye backstage; but Lionel Green (Lio Rush) is an incredible father as well as a talent. I have all the respect in the world for that. No one made me type this. Just owning my mistakes. He’ll be missed.”

Hamilton said that no one made him type the words he wrote about Rush. He added that he was not Lio Rush's best friend, but the wrestler still deserved respect for his accomplishments inside and outside the ring.

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