Japanese legend Tajiri- 'WWE has made their product accessible to regular fans' (Exclusive)

Tajiri had some interesting things to say during the interview
Tajiri had some interesting things to say during the interview
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 30 Oct 2019

Tajiri has been part of several eras of WWE history. The most recent one was in 2016-17 when he was a part of the 205 Live show. Tajiri has had a very illustrious career and he caught up with pro wrestler Baliyan Akki to tell him all about it in an interview with Sportskeeda. He would especially focus on how the environment in WWE has changed over the years.

According to Tajiri, the atmosphere in WWE at the moment is very different from what he remembers it, from his previous stints. He likens the Performance Center to a school and/or a college:

"Well, it has been quite some time since I was there last, but it felt like going to a school or college. It was very formal and functional like a college. The Performance Centre is very much felt like that."

No longer is WWE the land of the giants either, as it used to be when Tajiri first arrived. It has evolved stylistically to accommodate various styles of professional wrestling.

"It is different. When I started it was more of a big guy sport and I’m very small. It's more diverse now."

According to Tajiri, the company is very different from what it was as well. It's far more formal than it ever was. This is how he describes WWE's overall vibe right now:

"Yes, it is very organized now. Earlier, it was freer and now, it is very well managed and has more of a company feel to it."

And despite the fact that his latest run ended prematurely, Tajiri has nothing but praise for WWE and the way they conduct their business, and are able to connect with so many fans worldwide, most of whom are not even pro wrestling fans. All of it boils down to character work, in his opinion. He elaborates by saying the following:

I wanna wrestle and perform in a way that is understandable and entertaining to everyone. Not just wrestling fans. That’s where I think characters become very important. WWE has made their product accessible to regular fans.

Maybe professional wrestling, like music is truly the universal language, as they say. To catch the rest of the interview, click here.

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Published 30 Oct 2019
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