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Jerry Lawler addresses RAW talent meeting, who spoke out and why they were upset

Nicky Pags
08 Nov 2019, 23:06 IST

Jerry Lawler
Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler addresses this week's RAW talent meeting

The events that took place at WWE Crown Jewel were mostly overshadowed by what happened following the PPV, with most of the WWE talent roster and crew stranded in Saudi Arabia for hours due to alleged mechanical issues with the plane.

Following the PPV, rumors began to swirl that the delays were due to a financial scrap between Vince McMahon and the Saudi Crown Prince, with claims alleging that the Crown Prince ordered the WWE plane not to take off after Vince cut the Crown Jewel PPV feed early in Saudi Arabia.

Vince allegedly cut the event feed as he had yet to be paid a certain amount of money from the WWE Super ShowDown PPV which took place in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

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During the latest episode of "The Jerry Lawler Show" on Podcastone, via, host and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler shed some new light on a meeting that took place on WWE RAW this week, during which WWE executives discussed the flight issues following Crown Jewel.

Lawler noted that Triple H addressed the talent in the meeting, and said he could not recall an occasion when there had been so many travel issues at one time. Lawler also addressed talents who spoke at the meeting, as it had been erroneously reported that Seth Rollins gave some type of speech which was later revealed to be untrue.

According to Lawler, both AJ Styles and Karl Anderson spoke at the meeting, and addressed talent frustrations with the travel issues their frustrations with not being informed as to why they were delayed.

Lawler explained that the mechanical issues on the plane were due to a fuel issue requiring a part be flown into the airport in the middle of the night, and it forced talents to be bussed to hotels after being instructed to deplane. Lawler finally noted that WWE execs told talents at the RAW meeting this week that the company will no longer be using the charter company they used for Crown Jewel travel.

How do you feel about the travel issues in Saudi Arabia last week? Let us know in the comments section.

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