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Jerry Lawler reveals advice Vince McMahon gave before WWE RAW wedding

Danny Hart
Published Jan 04, 2020
Jan 04, 2020 IST

Jerry Lawler commentates on RAW with Vic Joseph
Jerry Lawler commentates on RAW with Vic Joseph

Speaking on his The Jerry Lawler Show podcast, WWE RAW commentator Jerry Lawler revealed that Vince McMahon simply told him to enjoy Lana and Bobby Lashley’s wedding in the closing segment of Monday’s episode.

Lawler has spoken in the past about the problems he sometimes has when he calls in-ring action and he has somebody in his headset giving him directions, while Corey Graves also said this week that listening to somebody else speak while he commentates is often difficult.

However, McMahon trusted Lawler to do his job with no instructions on Monday night, so the WWE Hall of Famer had free reign to say what he wanted.

“Vince was great and Paul Heyman was great before the segment started. It really took a lot of pressure [off] because sometimes you don’t know how people will want you to call a certain segment that is really that important, because they’ve built this thing up for so long and done so much extra media coverage on it.
“The simple words from Vince were, ‘King, go out there and have fun with this.’ That was just opening the door to the candy store for King right there.”

Lawler also mentioned that McMahon spoke in his headset at one stage during the wedding, as he wanted to clarify whether the priest really did say “mawwiage” instead of “marriage” when he was introducing Lana and Lashley.

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