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Jim Cornette criticises Lucha Underground, Young Bucks

Ratish Menon
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Jim Cornette isn’t a fan of Young Bucks!

In a recent edition of In Your Head Wrestling Radio, Jim Cornette was the guest and after discussing some unusual topics, he shared a few memories of his old-school days with guys like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and then they moved on to more recent events. When asked about Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling project, he expressed optimism but refused to comment too much as he didn’t have too much information about them. he thought of it as a great idea with what they have been doing so far. When asked if he had seen any episodes of Lucha Underground, he replied :

"No, I haven't, and I'll tell you why," Cornette began. "Because it's another wrestling promotion with a network putting a lot of money into a wrestling company with a writer instead of a booker. So the sh-t in the ring may be good but it don't interest me because I'm only interested in wrestling that has bookers instead of writers. And here you go again…it's Turner Broadcasting if they all spoke Spanish. Instead of hot dogs from the… cafeteria, it's hot dogs and burritos. That's about the only difference in a wrestling company—in my opinion—being owned by a television broadcast company employing a bunch of writers."

When asked about the Young Bucks, Cornette was amused and spoke about the twitter war he had with the team.

"They blocked me on Twitter! They blocked me! I've never been so insulted," he joked. "No... I've been in riots. I've had a couple dozen people in my life try to kill and the Young Bucks think they're going to hurt my feelings because they blocked me on Twitter."

Cornette said that the animosity from the Bucks stemmed from his review of their match at Wrestle Kingdom 9.

"Their match was a four team, eight man match to open the Wrestle Kingdom show," Jim explained. "You couldn't tell who was whose partner, nobody got over. It was a mess. They had to go out there… in 15 minutes every guy did every move they've ever known, ever learned, to each other; nobody registered it; couldn't tell who was on whose side. You couldn't tell who was going to try and win this thing. It wasn't even a tag match, it was a mess."

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