Jim Johnston gives an insight into how he came up with The Undertaker's iconic WWE entrance music

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

Legendary former WWE composer Jim Johnston was recently interviewed by VICE. During the interview, Johnston, who was released by WWE in 2017, discussed that he has sometimes found it hard to find work since his release because the professional wrestling/sports entertainment world isn't taken seriously.

Jim Johnston reveals details on his thinking behind The Undertaker's iconic WWE theme song

During the interview with VICE, Jim Johnston also discussed some of the more iconic entrance themes he's created over the years, including that of The Undertaker. Johnston gave his thinking behind what he wanted The Deadman's entrance theme to sound like and the emotions he wanted to get through:

"I wanted it to sound like a funeral with the church bells and the organ, and for the music to go deeper than just the shallow nature of pure aggression that sits at the core of a lot of wrestling music. There’s tragedy and sadness and all these different elements that touch on the mysterious backstory of The Undertaker’s character. I played the organ in a cinematic way and it was kind of an ode to Phantom of the Opera or a climactic scene in a classic horror movie. There’s definitely a sadness that underpins my playing, and I think that came from me tapping into the one scar I consistently carried with me through my life; that classic dilemma of being the middle child and feeling invisible."

Jim Johnston went on to explain how The Undertaker's iconic WWE entrance music was an extension of his character, something that made fans feel a certain way:

"Honestly, I always saw [writing this song] just as much as a psychological undertaking as a musical one. Most people are intrigued yet conflicted by things like death and the afterlife. These are really complex subjects. The Undertaker is a wrestling character who makes it okay for kids to think about these things and to face them. The music is a pure extension of all that."

The Undertaker retired earlier this year at WWE Survivor Series, 30 years after he first made his WWE debut. The Undertaker's farewell ceremony was attended by a number of legends and friends including Ric Flair, Kane, JBL, Booker T, members of the BSK backstage group and more.

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