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Jim Ross discusses about the Montreal Screwjob, working with Matt Striker, more

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Former WWE commentator Jim Ross

Jim Ross has recently posted a new Q&A over at, where he answers for fans questions. Fans have to register with the website to ask their questions to JR. There were many questions from fans about Young Bucks in WWE, his view on new WWE announce team, working with Matt Striker at Wrestle Kingdom 9, about Cody Hall who is the newest Bullet Club member, about the famous Montreal Screwjob and more. 

Below are some of the highlights, click here for the full Q&A session: 

On the Montreal Screwjob and if Sgt. Slaughter knew about it in advance:

“I was shocked that it occurred and Lawler nor I knew about it in advance. It happened and we called what we saw….HBK winning the WWE Title. After all these years I do not recall if Sarge knew or not.”

On the new WWE announce team changes:

“I’ve got no horse in the race nor do I keep up with it that much but am hopeful that everyone comes together with the necessary chemistry to make the shows better as best that they can. I like Alex [Riley's] potential but I do know that he wants to wrestle. A shake up occasionally is generally necessary but time will tell how well the new trios work together. I hope that they all find their groove. I’m sure that they all knew what was coming unlike when I went from RAW to Smackdown back in 2008.”

On The Young Bucks in WWE:

“I have no idea if the Young Bucks will ever appear in WWE but they are a very good, young team. Shane’s fall was spectacular but the Foley match had more drama because he was working with Taker, IMO.”

On working with Matt Striker at Wrestle Kingdom 9 and if Savio Vegas will be on the Ross Report:


“WK9 was a blast to be a part of and I had fun working with Matt Striker. Savio being on the podcast is a good idea an I will look into it when I find his contact info.”

On Anthony Silva vs Nick Diaz bout at UFC 183 match

“I'm sure that I will watch it as I'm a big, UFC fan and I'd lean toward Silva winning but it's hard to count out Diaz. Should be a good fight.” 

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