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Jim Ross on Daniel Bryan's Raw segment, lack of buzz on Payback, Ronda Rousey

Snehartho Dey
1.52K   //    15 May 2015, 11:51 IST
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Famer and former ringside commentator Jim Ross has posted his latest blog in which he has talked about Daniel Bryan’s health, lack of buzz surrounding the Payback pay-per-view and more. Here are the highlights:

On Daniel Bryan’s Raw segment: 

“Solid Daniel Bryan interview where he unfortunately had to relinquish the Intercontinental Title. I’m just guessing here but I would not be surprised if DB didn’t have concussion issues but it certainly could be a neck issue as many speculate.

“I don’t know his diagnosis but I do that his health is his most important commodity and if he’s essentially done with his career it will be ill-timed, as are all career ending injuries, but Daniel Bryan is the type of individual that any wrestling company should want to associate with and he can help WWE in a variety of ways.

“Hopefully Daniel Bryan can get a clean bill of health to resume his career but he will have to change some of the things he does in the ring whether he likes it or not and embrace the ‘less is more’ philosophy of in ring, bell to bell activity.

“The ‘less is more’ philosophy, taking unprotected and unconventional bumps, wrestling too fast while taking higher risks and not stopping long enough to sell what has been done, isn’t doing any one in the business any favors. It’s the current trend within the business that sees very few wrestling holds properly applied in a business with wrestling in its name.”

On the lack of buzz surrounding WWE Payback: 

“I will be back from Baltimore in time to watch Payback from the same city but I don’t feel the ‘buzz’ for the event that one would generally prefer. Perhaps it will overachieve and be a ‘sleeper’ event. It should not be an enhanced version of Monday Night Raw only with it being on Sunday night instead of Monday.”

On Ronda Rousey: 

“Ronda Rousey adorns the cover of Sports Illustrated this week and no matter what is speculated, I still feel she will be in AT&T Stadium next April to be a special attraction at WrestleMania Texas. Still think Ronda versus Stephanie McMahon, and her stacked deck, would make a sensational ‘special attraction’ and is a creative booker’s dream.”

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