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Jim Ross on Sting vs Undertaker, Kane's secret identity, WWE-NJPW relationship

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WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross says Sting vs Undertaker should be forgotten

WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross, recently updated his website with a Q&A session and touched upon various topics such as Sting vs Undertaker, WWE and NJPW and Kane. Below are the highlights from the session.

On Sting vs Undertaker

Ross was quick to dismiss the possible dream match and said that it's best we forget about it as it doesn’t go with the current flow of storylines. He says, "I think that we can forget about Sting vs. Taker. All storylines in the biz can be simpler and more logical and it would make me happier. Plus, paying more attention to continuity would be smart on their part as well."

On WWE trying to keep Kane’s identity a secret during the attitude era

Jim says he never thought of that and couldn't comment whether the WWE was actually successful in keeping Kane’s identity a secret.

"I actually have never thought of that nor do I know if WWE was truly successful in keeping Kane's identity a secret. You know the old saying: telephone, telegraph, tell a wrestler," says Ross.

On the relationship between WWE and NJPW

By admitting that WWE looks out to promotions such as NJPW and ROH for new talents, he says, “"I'd never count WWE out of any negotiations as it relates to building their brand or associating with other groups as a source for securing new talents. In the big picture, would NJPW rather have a great deal with WWE or a great deal with ROH?"

Jim Ross has been one of the greatest commentators if not the greatest the WWE has seen and he frequently updates his website with interesting anecdotes of the wrestling world. The complete Q&A session can be found by clicking on this link.

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